Best Custom Car Audio In Netherlands Now Serving UAE

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For Superb Car Audio Lovers

Brian Custom Car Audio has 7 elements seriously taken care of every installation made. That is design, acoustic improvement, integration, wiring, sound processor, installation and tuning. All are elaborated on their website.

The company is considered to be young, founded just almost a decade ago by a talented and musically inclined Dutch Brian Meghoe, but has managed to put its name into the limelight with its utter dedication and quality service.

Brian knows how to meet their customers’ needs using their musical brainpower and high-quality products combined.

Reason why members of the Ferrari Owners Club in Dubai embraced Brian and served as its first clients in the UAE.

“Our philosophy is that each car is unique, and that every driver deserves to experience that exclusivity,” shares Brian.

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Although custom car audio is their speciality, Brian also caters alarms and security, radar detectors, navigation systems, entertainment systems and more.

Thinking of having that best, tailor-made car audio, call them now. All contact and other details can be found on


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