Ghaf Kitchen – Pioneers Street Food Business On Wheels In Dubai

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First Of Its Kind In Dubai

But let’s be clear about this, Ghaf Kitchen is actually not an entirely the same concept of western street food businesses on wheels you’ve seen on Anthony Bourdain’s popular TV shows,¬†No Reservations and Parts Unknown. Ghaf is on wheels but only functions for events and party catering.

Unfortunately, Dubai and the rest of UAE is not yet ready for that open kind of businesses which can be installed, anytime and anywhere. But the rationale perhaps, is that especially during summer, street food business and on wheels, seems impossible to prosper.

For those who want to have a memorable and sumptuous party, pamper yourself, your friends and guests with this gourmet restaurant on wheels. With their classic Citroen H van, fitted with state-of-the-art commercial equipment, with strict health and safety standards for the preparation, and their great menus, every meal would be gratifying.

Ghaf Kitchen Lamb

Irresistible lamb rump

Ghaf Kitchen

David O Brien, Co-founder and Director, Ghaf Kitchen

Ghaf Kitchen Citroen H Van

Ghaf Kitchen’s Vintage Citroen H Van

dinner set

Book your party or event now by contacting them @ :
T: +971 4 443 0355 / M: +971 56 393 3712

Ghaf Kitchen, the first street food business on wheels in Dubai.

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