Vulfpeck Is The Name Of The Band

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Soon To Be Mainstream Indie Rhythm Section Band

Never thought I could  find some exceptional music on the net while the rest of my brood and half of the people of the world are sleeping. A different kind of music that’s brought to us by these young musicians and Vulfpeck is the name of their band.

This first vid is simply classic, with clips of the late young Steve Jobs being played while the kinda edgy rhythm, up-tempo, made Job’s statements even more stronger and interesting to hear, like the band’s music itself.

And this second vid, which features Antwaun Stanley, a Speech Pathologist, has that motown, Miles Davis, kind of voice dexterity that really made me decide to make this post. The song is just so refreshing.

While I continue playing their songs on YouTube, I was googling a bit and found some articles about them, racking $20,000 royalties from Spotify. I didn’t actually dig how it happened. But the amount could help support their planned free concert tour, as reported.

What I’m really interesting to know about this band now, is how the h*ll they got their name. If you think they’re kinda weird, then go check their website and see for yourself LOL!

Seriously, Vulfpeck is the name of the band and their music is contagious. I bet you’d agree upon listening all their music and seeing all those positive comments from their YouTube videos.

Good vibes. Good music. What a mornight.

Time check: 4:14 dxb time




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