This Post Is All About Beer

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It doesn’t matter where this famous beverage originated from. Although some claimed, it was recorded to have originated in ancient Iraq. It also doesn’t matter now as to which country produces the best beer in the world.

But what really matters is how much is the cost of the beer you are drinking right now.

They say, Germany has the biggest beer production but China has the always-thirsty billion population, reason why their Snow Beer and Tsing-tao brands are the real number ones, at least in terms of production.

Everybody loves beer, I mean almost everybody, that is why it is considered the 3rd most popular drink in the world, after water and tea. To feed your tummy brain about this addiction of yours, see this vital facts in the following info graphic. After the info graphic, don’t tell me I didn’t warn you, but perhaps you’ll start thinking of moving or traveling to Ukraine. Check below to see why. 🙂

This is all about beer.

list of beer
There you go! Hope you enjoyed reading all the facts brought to us by the wonderful people behind this info graphic, who brought us the same great facts about advertising.
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