4 Images That Will Prove Jimmy Kimmel Wrong

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Jimmy Kimmel Once Said, Americans Hate Soccer (Football)

He even clearly announced it on his Jimmy Kimmel Live Show, his disinterest to this popular sport. But after the Belgium vs US match in Brazil, everybody reacts to the unseen.

BBC, CNN, Al Jazeera, other news agencies and social networks went berserk about how the majority of the Americans showed their support to their team in the World Cup. From the US President, to the VP and to the Secretary of Defense even expressed their support to the team, even until to the end of the game which unfortunately favored to Belgium.

These 4 images will prove Jimmy Kimmel wrong about his previous claim, that Americans hate soccer (football).

mashable Tim Howard Twitter WorldCup US 1


Looking forward now to what Jimmy will say about all these, on his next show.






Images Credit: Mashable, The New York Times, ESPN, BuzzFeed






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