Chainsaw Massacre Prank of Vitaly Zdorovetskiy for Halloween

The #1 YouTube Prankster Is Really Crazy – In A Good And Creative Way

This is how crazy this Russian born American prankster is, with a name that is a bit difficult to pronounce. 🙂 He recently published yet another gruesome (to others) yet cool (to many especially Americans) Chainsaw Massacre Prank. And guess what, it now has 7,359,982 views on YouTube by the time of this posting, since its upload last October 15 and it is still growing.

But with Vitaly’s creativity, perhaps I would say the real star of this particular prank video is Nick Santonastasso. Although he has a condition, he played the role very well and with all seriousness.

Just before you’ll start watching the video guys, I would like to be a spoiler to you right now in case you missed reading the whole title, that this is just a prank. Read the title thoroughly to avoid heart attacks, a’right?! People involved in the making of this film are professionals so no worries. Also check the behind the scenes video to see how they did it. 🙂 Happy Halloween!

With the 7++ millions YouTube video subscribers of VitalayzdTV, getting that number of views for Chainsaw Massacre Prank is chicken little. 🙂 Thanks to Miami Zombie Attack, Russian Hit Man and World Cup Finals in Brazil Streak, just 3 of his lots of YouTube video pranks, that made him the Russian Internet Celebrity.




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