Complimentary The Zoo Movie Pass At Reel Cinema Made Our Weekend

It was one of the rare weekends we had in the family where everyone has to wake up as early as eight in the morning. That was how excited we were to get up and watch the premiere screening of At The Zoo, for free at Dubai Mall’s Reel Cinema.

Not to brag, we were the firsts to arrive. We took the best seats. Bought our favorite cheese flavored pop corn and then the movie started.

To our little dismay, right at the very beginning of the movie, Fares and Nour, the lead cartoon characters, and the rest of it were all in Arabic. Good thing, for my 5 year-old son, and 1 year old daughter, it was not an issue especially that the pictures and actual videos of the animals incorporated in the movie was entertaining enough. Looking at the bright side, we took it as learning new Arabic words. I was even amazed to know that Al Assad is the Arabic translation of The Lion.

The movie was all about Fares and Nour’s zoo adventures in the Arabian Peninsula. An educational short movie created by the Little Thinking Minds.

The 25-minute long At The Zoo movie, made us decide to take an almost 2 hours drive straight to Al Ain Zoo. T’was my wife and my nth time visit, but second to our boy and first to our girl and to my sis in law.

Some enclosures were already closed and no longer functioning, like the one for orangutan, but still, Al Ain Zoo remains worth a visit.

If it were not for “At The Zoo” movie by Little Thinking Minds, it would’ve probably been a boring weekend.




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