6 Nippy Things Perfect For Gifting This Festive Season

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Gifting means, not necessarily giving just the other person you love and care this festive season. That can also mean, giving yourself as a reward for all the hard work you’ve done for the whole year. Alright?!

Let’s say, you (or your loved one if you insist giving her/him) are planning to have some little party in your pad this Christmas or New Year’s Eve or might that be anywhere in the UAE; these 6 nippy items are just perfect.

This cool design shot glass would add more fun to your party. Though the skull reminds you of what you are going to be if you will not guzzle responsibly. 🙂

Crystal Skull Shot Glass - Aido

Crystal Skull Pirate Shot Glass AED 55/- l Aido(dot)com

In case you’ve decided to party outside Dubai or anywhere but not in your boring place, better be armed with this kind of human invention to avoid battery drained smartphones/gadgets in the middle of partying. The hotel you are in might have different holes than the ones you have at home.

Skross World Adaptor

Skross World Adapter PRO + AED 129/- l Alshop(dot)com

This latest creation definitely gives ease to all iPad users, or let’s just say, to all tablet users. I understand if you’re wondering what this thing really is for. Felt the same way the first time I saw it. But this gives you that perfect grip when holding your tablet. How does it work? Hmm…. You need to attach it at the back of your tablet…. then…. ah, just search “Bakbone Ring Tablet Holder” on YouTube please?! Thanks!


BakBone Ring Tablet Holder Pitch Black AED 199/- l Jadopado(dot)com

I know this is a bit of B.C. kind of thing but hell boy, it is still that great, having your snap being printed right away! An instant keepsake, that is. One negative point though, buying those photo paper will cost you big time. hahahaha

Polaroid 300

Polaroid Compact Instant Analog Camera PIC300BL – Blue AED 280/- l MarkAVIP(d0t)com

Bringing big boxes and big ball of lights for your dance revo party anywhere in the UAE seems impossible, so this is the solution to that problem. Tugs! Tugs! Tugs! Tugs! hahahaha

Mini Disco DJ Stage Light

Mini Disco DJ Stage Light RGB Crystal LED Magic Ball LED Effect AED 94.41/- l Souq(dot)com

This will just simply help you remind of the time (in neon digital) that a party must not reach the wee hours of the night or you’ll end up disturbing other people in the hotel, having their peace.

Wooden clock and temperature

Wooden Clock With Temperature AED 85/- l Habibi(dot)ae

There goes the 6 nippy items perfect for gifting this festive season. For you or for your loved one. Happy holidays!




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