Seafood @ Vida Downtown Hotel Dubai – A Review

Image Credit: Vida Downtown Dubai

The Food

Just recently, my wife and I have found this new place to hang out to end our work week and start the weekend or vice versa.  A perfect escapade not just for couples like us, but also for friends or groupies who want to experience authentic seafood in the heart of Downtown Dubai.

Vida Downtown Hotel has created this distinct theme nights, which is already a hit.  It’s something you cannot find from any other hotels in Dubai, I reckon.

6pm to 9pm on Thursdays is the Paired Seafare theme at Stage2, Lobby Lounge.  A fresh selection of hearty crabs, oysters, shrimps, mussels among others, are delightfully arranged on an icy, kinda traditional fish rack, which defines the theme’s truest sense. All were tender and perfectly prepared.  To highlight, the oysters were superb.  Just a bit of a heads up though, the table is gonna be messy when the ice starts melting, so better finish them up on time and don’t wait till the clock strikes 9. 🙂

The 2 sauce options, the sliced lemon and the 2 tiny bottles of Tabascos gave good additional amount of kicks to the rich seafood flavor.  The premium grape beverage completes the whole dish. I had 3 glasses of red, a light tannic with rich flavor, which I savored to the last drop.

An added bonus to this pair is that perhaps the reason why Stage2 opted to make this theme on Thursdays, is to make sure raw ingredients bought on that day, will be disposed of on the same day.  That fresh!  I remember what the award-winning chef Anthony Bourdain mentioned in his best-selling book, Kitchen Confidential, about the so many realities in restaurants that most people are not aware of.  With regards to seafood, he said, “I never order fish on Mondays (equivalent to Sunday here in UAE), unless I’m eating at a four-star restaurant where I know they are buying their fish directly from the source. I know how old most seafood is on Monday – about four to five days old!”

2 sets of Paired Seafare await to be devoured

2 sets of Paired Seafare await to be devoured

Paired Seafare at Stage2 1

Before we commence the meal

Paired Seafare
 Every Thursday

Price: AED 125 per person inclusive of three glasses of premium grape beverages and paired seafood
Time: 6pm to 9pm

Occupying the centre-most table in the lobby of Vida Downtown’s Stage2, added more buzz from the beginning until we draw to a close in our seafood feast.  Stage2 staff Kimo and Khristina were so cheerful and ever graceful in attending us.

Indeed, a perfectly chilled-out vibe!

Stage2 staff at Vida Downtown Dubai

Stage2’s staff: Kimo, Khristina…

Paired Seafare at Stage2 3

…Olga, Jessica and Mohammad (not in picture).

Vida Downtown’s Stage2 also has other themes for you to choose from, on different day schedules.  The equally hit Hop2 It and Chee[R]se themes.

Hop2 It
Give your week a lift every Tuesday with Hop2 It, where you can enjoy a variety of hops paired with an exciting array of food elements, including tasters of duck, steak and shrimp.
 Every Tuesday

Price: AED 125 per person inclusive of three hop beverages and paired food elements
Time: 6pm to 9pm

Savour an extensive array of international cheeses, while taking a journey through various regions with a selection of grape beverages at Stage2. 
Date: Every Wednesday
Price: AED 125 per person inclusive of three glasses of premium grape beverages, cheese buffet and gourmet snacks
Time: 6pm to 9pm

The Ambience

Having these theme nights right at the hotel’s lobby and terrace fronting the centre of Downtown area, is simply awe-inspiring. With their minimalist approach, you can say how impeccable the place is.

Lobby Vida Dowtown

Hotel’s Reception – Minimalism, that is

Vida Downtown Dubai Lobby


The overall seafood experience at Stage2 Vida Downtown Dubai deserves a whopping 9 out of 10. Can’t wait to spread this idiosyncratic theme nights creation right at the heart of Dubai to all my friends.




For more information, please contact 04 428 6827 or email




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