Teach Your Kids How To Make Guacamole, The Rosa Mexicano Way

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How To Rock The Guac

Do you think it’s that easy to prepare this famous ancient Mexican dip called guacamole? If yes, then you are right! But with that being said, there are so many ways to prepare it. Fortunately enough, our son along with other kids,  was taught how to make one the Rosa Mexicano way, last weekend. A kind of preparation that made Martha Stewart, one of the famous food icons today, say “the best guacamole in the world.”

The kids were so eager getting instructions from the chef, who strategically positioned himself at the center for everyone to see and follow. My 5-year-old boy was still a sleepyhead that Saturday morning, but he enjoyed watching the chef and all the other kids while learning to “rock the guac.”

It was great to say that I was there assisting him.  And with my wife, seeing our son learning something very new that would eventually help him as he grows. We all love to eat and with that, it’s nothing but imperative that we should also love to cook or prepare food. That’s my point there. 🙂

Making Guacamole

Zia Aun, Chef and Shop Manager gives his instructions

Guacamole making

Assisting my son rocking the guac

During my quick chat with one of Rosa Mexicano’s chefs, I was a bit surprised when he told me about where they sourced out their ingredients, especially the avocados. I thought they’re from one of the African countries (which are very visible in any supermarkets here in UAE), but he specifically pointed out this, best avocados are from either Mexico or California, USA. The avocados from these places, the ones like what the kids were using and the restaurant all throughout; has that fatty yet healthy taste that can’t be found from any other avocados.

And I could attest to that and agree with Ms Stewart, after tasting the guacamole we’ve prepared.

How to make guacamole

Left: My daughter Ivana makes her move. Center: The brood. Right: Mi El Niño Ilori

guacamole rosamexicano

The finished and ready to be munched guac of my son

Eating Guacamole

The taste?! Mucho gusto guacamole!

Ingredients To A Perfect Guacamole
Perfectly ripened and imported Avocados
White Onions (diced)
Tomato (diced and seeded)
Cilantro (Coriander) (chopped)
Salt (to taste)
Jalapeno (optional)

Things used
Lava-rock mortar and pestle
Wooden spoon

Tortilla Chips

What the kids did:

1. Cut the “Hass” avocado into half
2. Removed the seed
3. Sliced the inner portion of the avocados
4. Put a tablespoon of cilantro
5. Put a tablespoon of tomato
6. Put a tablespoon of white onions
7. Put a quarter of a teaspoon salt
8. Scooped the inner portion of the avocados and mixed it with all ingredients in the mortar


Rosa Mexicano’s guacamole set


The perfectly ripened Hass avocados

Rock The Guac Experience

I’d say it again, it was great and a kind of experience especially for the kids, that they’ll never forget. A perfect kids weekend activity.

Might be thinking of trying it out or having it as a birthday party? Sure you can. They actually have party package that includes guacamole and quesadillas food preparation class. With a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 18 kids, rocking the guac would be awesome. For Dhs99/- per pax, every child will get their own Rock the Guac apron and sombreros.

Teach your kids how to make guacamole now, the Rosa Mexicano way. Just make sure to do the booking, 4 days in advance through these contact details: 04-3882505 for the Dubai Mall restaurant l 04-2858988 for City Centre Mirdif.

Rosa Mexicano_facade

Rosa Mexicano’s facade in Dubai Mall

About RosaMexicano

Rosa Mexicano (which means “Mexican pink”) first opened with chef and co-founder Josefina Howard in 1984. New York Magazine applauded the restaurant for introducing New Yorkers to a “hitherto unfamiliar, elevated version of Mexican cuisine.” Thirty years later, Rosa continues to redefine expectations with their regionally authentic Mexican cuisine utilizing socially responsible ingredients combined with stylish spaces and festive atmosphere.


Muchas gracias!




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