The Panda Express Experience In Dubai

United State’s number one Chinese Restaurant is now in Dubai!  The first ever branch in the Middle East, which is known not just by its healthy and delectable American-Chinese recipes but also known by its superb service and clean restaurants.

Fortunately, I am happy to confirm all these to you as I personally, together with my family, experienced what Panda Express is all about.  The experience literally made our Saturday an extra special one.

Upon arrival, we were warmly greeted by Panda with a smile and a hug.  Our kids were then amused by their beautiful face paints.

Panda Express and the face paints

Left: My son Ilori, hugs Panda the mascot. The siblings (Ilori and Ivana) with their face paints.

Minutes after, we parents, were given a somewhat difficult task. But a task, in which everyone wanted to participate, I reckon. Food tasting and menu guessing, it was! 🙂 Sadly though, from all the 14 Panda Express mains, I wrongly guessed two. Why? Well, munching on those “hot, fresh & flavorful” Mandarin and Szechuan dishes is to blame, that I lost my focus. Hahaha

Panda Express Honey Walnut Shrimp

Above: Honey Walnut Shrimp. Below: Beijing Beef

Panda Express Spicy garlic string bean

Above: Spicy Garlic String Bean. Below: Shanghai Angus Steak

But the challenge didn’t just end there, as we were then tasked to transfer a handful of fried rice from one bowl to another using one hand with just a pair of chopsticks.  Needless to say, I lost again. Why?  Well, having a happy and full tummy, and maneuvering those chopsticks felt like I have the paw of a Panda – thick and heavy I could hardly get a grip!

Seriously though, it was a helluva fun and you can see it from our faces here: Food Bloggers Event At Panda Express Dubai album.

The first branch located in Al Ghurair Centre, at Rigga Road in Deira, will soon be followed by another branch in Jumeirah Beach Residences and I can’t wait to eat their Orange Chicken signature dish and their juicy Angus steak with tender marinated shrimp Surf n Turf again on our next visit.

You shouldn’t miss these 3 dishes, which are exclusive in Dubai and so are not found in any of the 1,700 plus Panda Expresses in the Americas; these are the Thai Cashew Chicken (Wok-seared marinated chicken, diced red bell peppers, sliced onions, tossed with crunchy whole cashews and fresh cilantro), the purely vegetarian Spicy Garlic String Bean (Crisp green beans tossed  in a chili garlic oil) and the Black Pearl Shrimp (Seared shrimp tossed with black beans, fresh asparagus, & mushrooms).

General Manager and the Panda Ladies

Left: Jourdan Perez, General Manager & Training Coordinator, Panda Express. Right: The charming Panda Express Ladies (May Ann, Merlyn, Anne)

And just so you know, this California-based Chinese kitchen, do deliver to your homes.  Just dial 800 Panda (72632) and make your order in 3 simple steps.

Step one: Create your plate/s.
Step two: Choose one or Half & Half for your stir fried noodles, vegetables or fried rice.
Step three: Choose your main/s.







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