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In UAE, online stores were once like pop corns, popping up on the internet. But despite the fact that UAE is among those countries which has great volume of e-inclined consumers, several online stores still have shut down.  As to the reason why, that still we do not know.

But some factors could be easily picked up as to why online stores lost the race. To name one is the booming and ever growing number of malls in the country. Note that people here in this side of the world still love to go out, may it be during summer or winter.  Also, additional gigantic mall developments were unveiled recently and one has actually opened, which is the Yas Mall in Abu Dhabi.

According to reports, although a US market based, decline of online shopping activities has been observed.  A lot of online shoppers in the US are now abandoning their shopping carts.  Same observations too in the other parts of the world, which is estimated to have cost billions and even trillions of dollars.

Finances Online has created an info graphic that elaborates 6 considered prime factors of this unforeseen occurrence. Though not all of these 6 are true in the UAE online market; these are lack of trust, slow loading time, high shipping cost, comparison shopping, time restraints and no shipping information. Along with these, are only 4 solutions that would certainly help all online stores not just in the US but anywhere in the world including the UAE.


How to increase sales: the role of trust seals in customer acquisition

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