Christmas Away From Home Brought Closer By H Hotel Dubai

Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony & Gingerbread House Unveiling

For my 8 years here in Dubai, last 10th December, Wednesday night at The H Hotel Dubai, was totally different compared to Wednesdays of the past Decembers I had. Together with my wife, my then girlfriend, all those Christmases were spent here; away from our families and loved ones.

Fast forward, we are now a family of 4, this year 2014, Christmas is still here once again.

Fortunately, I’ve got an invitation from H Hotel on Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai for their Tree Lighting Ceremony & Gingerbread House Unveiling. A perfect Christmas event not to miss for my brood especially for my 5-year-old son and 1-year-old daughter.

Below pics will detail all that has transpired during that wonderful evening.

While waiting for the ceremony to start, traditional Christmas drinks and pastries were served.

H Hotel Dubai Pastries

Several minutes later, everybody gathered near the H Hotel Dubai Christmas Tree.

H Hotel Dubai Christmas Tree_ready

And in 3….2…1…. the Christmas Tree lit up in bright silver and gold.

H Hotel Dubai Christms Tree

…with the help of the little ones. 🙂

Then the H Hotel surprise draw began. First draw winner, got a “Christmas in a Crate” for free. This includes 1 slow-roasted Turkey and other delicious H Hotel recipes. The second draw winner, got 1 Gingerbread House (below pic). And guess what, I felt numbed for a few seconds after hearing my name being announced too. I was the third draw winner. I got a free Gingerbread making session with my family! Yahooooo! What a great evening it was! (Post will follow after the gingerbread making session soon).

H Hotel Dubai Gingerbread House

My kiddos never missed to get a keepsake of the H Hotel Dubai’s life-size gingerbread house.

H Hotel Dubai Gingerbread House_Big

The H Hotel Dubai staff made the night even more meaningful with their carols.

H Hotel Carolers

But one more surprise came out while the carolers were singing. Santa arrived with his bag full of goodies!  Each of the little ones got a wonderful gift from Santa Claus. Yippey!

H Hotel Dubai Santa

Aside from the Christmas Tree and Gingerbread house, Santa Claus was among the most photographed in the evening. And you’ll find those pics in your social media accounts with hashtag #TheHDubai I reckon. 🙂

H Hotel Dubai_Santa

And we didn’t forget to say ho ho ho ho ho with him!

H Hotel Dubai_With Santa

Thank you very much H Hotel Dubai for making us part of your Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony & Gingerbread House Unveiling! Merry Christmas everyone!

H Hotel Dubai_Family_Christmas Tree


Want to order their yummy Christmas in a crate? Visit H Hotel’s FB page!

Now if you and your family want to have a great Gingerbread house making session experience, visit their FB page too!





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