Kids Decorating Gingerbread House @ The H Dubai – Total Fun

  • gingerbread houses
    The freshly-baked gingerbread houses
  • Almost done decorating
    This shows how excited the moms are with the decoration
  • Kuya decorating
    Wanna become a Pastry Chef Kuya Yuri?
  • YANA eating gummies
    "Gimme that gummy bears" - Ivana
  • Baby Santa with papa Santa Claus and Kuya
    Little Santa sits on Big Santa's lap while Kuya is on the side
  • gingerbread house
    Let's eat that snowy and yummy house....
  • Kaya with spidey face paint
    Spidey is happy with his work
  • With The H Dubai Chef
    A pose with one of the Chefs
  • The H Dubai General Manager
    With Mr. Guy Bertaud, General Manager, The H Dubai and his son

Gingerbread House Decoration

The fun from the Christmas Tree lighting ceremony at The H Hotel has not sunk in yet, and then we are back once again, to redeem the complimentary gingerbread house decorating session that I’ve won from the surprise draw.

Upon entering the Al Masa Ballroom, we were welcomed by the freshly-baked gingerbread houses lined up on the sidewall waiting for the kids and families to decorate them.  After finding our spot, we never wasted a second and started decorating our gingerbread house right away.  Colorful marshmallows, gummy bears, candies and tiny Christmas decors were handed to us along with a bag of icing.  Everything looked very appetizing to little kids like ours and …bam!  What I had in mind just happened right in my very eyes. My little girl started to munch not just 1 but 2..wait, 3 gummy bears and she’s not stopping!  LOL! To avoid shortage of decors, diversion was necessary. Good thing, the ballroom had more than enough space for her to roam around in her Santa Claus outfit.  There was also a clown who was inflating and distributing shaped balloons to tiny tots like her.

This was our first time to decorate a gingerbread house, so while I was trying to document everything,  I happened to have a chat with the hotel’s General Manager, Mr. Guy Bertaud. T’was an opportunity I would say, to have talked with him.

I learned that it was the hotel’s first gingerbread house decorating activity and that it started under his direction. A kind of activity that not only makes their hotel more lively especially in this festive season, but also it gives opportunity for kids to experience, what I reckon, is something rarely or not usually done at home at all.

We always love to eat what we cook or what we prepare, so as with kids. And doing things with them, does not just give them fun but also gives them confidence among the other things which are vital for their growth and development.

Mr. Bertaud and I agreed on what we’ve observed – that the moms looked more excited than the kids.  There’s not a single mom in the ballroom, who is not piping the bagful of icing.

From time to time, the hotel chefs would come over to check if you need more candies and to give some tips when needed, but my son and wifey did it like a pro. After almost an hour, our gingerbread house was fully decorated.

Why Gingerbread House At Christmas?

I can’t find a definite explanation here on the internet why gingerbread house is connected to Christmas. Brothers Grimm were even credited with their Hansel and Gretel publication which gingerbread houses were first seen. But I’m contented with this one:

In parts of Europe in the 17th century, only professional gingerbread makers were allowed to bake the stuff year-round. That restriction was lifted during Christmas and Easter, which may explain the Christmas-gingerbread connection – about(dot)com

Ready to be brought home, one of the chefs carefully put the gingerbread house inside the magnetic box specially designed to keep it safe from falling.

Face painting also added on the fun, and what made it even more fun is when Santa Claus came out again, of course with his bagful of goodies!

Kaya with spidey face paint

The spidey with his snowy gingerbread house

To know more about The H Dubai’s festive season activities, you may contact them directly on 04-5018888 and see below offers:

Christmas in a Crate:
Have a hassle free Christmas this year with The H Dubai and order their famous Christmas in a Crate; available from 10th December. The Christmas in a Crate is filled with all the Christmas essentials that you will need to make the big day. Choose from the choice of a large or regular sized slow-roasted American Halal turkey, with chestnut and apple stuffing that tastes like home, Brussels sprouts seasoned with nutmeg; double-roasted fluffy potatoes with rosemary and garlic, buttery mince pies and many more delectable festive treats.
Name of venue: Pick up from the hotel or delivered to your door.
Price: Large turkey 9-10kg – AED 1095, regular turkey 5-6kg – AED 895
Time: Daily from 9am to 9pm
Date: 10th December – 7th January
Phone number: 04-5018888

Christmas Eve Dinner:
On the 24th of December, The H Dubai will be hosting a splendid Christmas Eve dinner in The Restaurant. From 7 to 11pm, Executive Chef Claudio will be serving up a special 5-course menu putting you in the Christmas mood with succulent turkey, cinnamon-glazed chestnuts, bread stuffing and apple-infused gravy, finished off with creamy Panettone bread pudding, Christmas spiced gelato and frangelico zabaglione.
Name of venue: The Restaurant, The H Dubai
Price: AED 320 per person, Children below 12 years 50% off and below 6 years dine free
Time: 7pm to 11pm
Date: 24th December
Phone number: 04-5018888

Christmas Brunch:
Celebrate Christmas Day in style at The H Dubai Christmas Brunch at The Restaurant. A variety of carving stations, traditional turkey, roast beef and slow roast lamb will be available as well as a delicious selection of cheese and desserts, served with warming mulled wine and eggnog. Father Christmas will also be paying us a visit to deliver gifts to the children.
Name of venue: The Restaurant, The H Dubai
Price: AED 350 per person soft drinks package, AED 680 per person champagne package (free guests drop off service*)
Time: 12:30pm to 4pm
Date: 25th December
Phone number: 04-5018888

New Year’s Day Brunch:
Celebrate the first day of the year with your friends and family at the New Year’s Day Brunch. The Restaurant will be serving up delicious roasted turkey with bread dumplings and cranberry sauce, juicy Angus prime rib, freshly chucked oysters, Canadian lobster and foie gras.
Name of venue: The Restaurant, The H Dubai
Price: AED 350 per person soft drinks package, AED 680 per person champagne package (free guests drop off service*)
Time: 12:30pm to 4pm
Date: 1st January
Phone number: 04-5018888

*Within radius, terms and conditions apply.




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