Natural Born Pranksters – To Look Forward Movie in 2015

Favorite Prankster

Few more days left and it’s 2015. So many resolutions, wishes, and prayers were said, to happen in the coming year.  But in this post, there is this one thing that I would like to focus on; one thing which I also look forward to.  The Natural Born Pranksters movie.

But before that, let me take a brief of the three YouTube superstar pranksters. With the three leads, I’d honestly say, I’m a big fan of Vitaly Zdorovetskiy.  Although later on, I started to like them as well, by “them” I mean, Roman Atwood and Dennis Roady.  They’re actually cool as well. 🙂

But why Vitaly? It’s because, first, he has many subscribers than Roman and Dennis. LOL! Second, perhaps is Vitaly’s bit of a story. Once a skater boy with hopes to becoming famous but failed at skating. Then tried the adult industry hoping to make ends meet but again failed. Now, when he started doing pranks on YouTube, it landed him onto many opportunities. One is making friends with fellow pranksters, making money out of it, so on and so forth that at one point, it may also be the reason why the movie came up.

Among the three, Vitaly is noted to be the most daring prankster too. The craziest prank I consider was the World Cup Brazil streak. It was just crazy but cool in a way. But good to note, in one of his interviews, he mentioned that he’ll be changing his pranks now to PG, which is a very wise decision. No more cursing perhaps or pranks will just then be full of beeps! LOL!

Seriously though, apologies for this but I just hope Vitaly won’t turn out to be a Russian Spy, in the years to come. Because if that happens, then all of these is but one epic prank!  Hahahaha

Why the movie

This may not be a grammy-quality kind of movie but sure thing, this is going to be hilarious. Them, getting those millions of subscribers on YouTube don’t just mean nothing. That simply means they’re good at what they’re doing and people love them for it. Of course am discounting those people who aren’t open enough to accept and embrace this kind of genre of entertainment.

Now, my assumption is, this movie would be like the Jackass movie but a much viewer-friendly and much funnier. It would be good that way so that it’s easy for the movie to get a PG rating to reach all level of viewers and that would mean more money to them.

I have been following their Vlogs (Vitaly, Roman and Dennis) and I can see how serious and legit they are in making the movie. The filming is done so only the production team now are excreting their creative juices to create and make a one “hell yeah” movie out of it.

Just in case you haven’t got to know them yet, just find them on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter ,and Facebook.  Subscribing to them is worth the ride!

Here’s a cheer to the new year 2015 and to the Natural Born Pranksters movie!




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