Rolling Stone Misquote The Date Of Maroon 5’s Sugar Video

Maroon 5 Sugar

Well the band’s latest single was posted on YouTube just yesterday and now it got 12,138,058 views (as of this post). That’s how “sweet, divine, delicious” this Sugar (crush) is. When I first watched the video I thought the weddings they’ve crashed were scripted. Not until my wife told me it was all in real life wedding crashes.

I love surprises too and if that happened to our wedding, it would have been a pleasant surprise. My wife and I would have those same reactions captured on cam. You will see that from the first couple, like how the bride really turned red after learning they’re being crashed by M5, until to the last wedding. There’s one bride too who dropped the F word upon realizing that it was M5 singing to them.

It was simply wow.

Rolling Stones

While searching it on the web, I was convinced that the wedding crashes were not scripted. Thanks to The Huffington Post and the Rolling Stone. But I’m a bit baffled how Rolling Stone wrongfully quote the date of when the video was taken when it was on it and was clearly mentioned by Adam Levine. Hahahaha

Rolling Stone

Adam Levine






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