The Latest Craze Called Finger Tutting

Raw And Real Talent

This worth-sharing YouTube video of this young Pinoy talent and Finger Tutting Artist Kurt Tristan (uploaded by Ryan Estrella), would surely hit more views soon. I first saw the video on FB and it made me get my **s up to write a post on it for me to keep this genuine skill and talent in my memory and here on my blog.

I cannot do this tutting thing. Perhaps I don’t have that kind of fingers that Kurt and other Finger Tutting artists have. Mine are like steel bars that are hard to bend. I don’t know where this thing brings them in the future though but I hope, something for the better and that this remains a craze as it is now. All those of you who are fond of dropping an F finger, why not do the change and exercise this thing from now on eh!? 🙂

Before there was planking and now there’s this thing, although according to Urban Dictionary, it has been there a long time ago. Thanks to the artists and to Kurt for resurrecting this.

Finger Tutting Definition


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