Where To Go In Dubai: Boating At Zabeel Park B With Family

Zabeel Park B First Timers

Probably Zabeel Park is just that big, reason why for the many times that we were here, t’was only now that we discovered this spot.

Ending the long New Year weekend at the park is truly a breath of fresh air. A very good way to ready ourselves for the grueling tasks awaiting us in our respective workplaces. And that includes dropping off our kids at school.

Little did I know, that Zabeel Park B, even if it is less visited, has something that really made our day. Aside from the not-so-crowded atmosphere in there, compared to the main park, boating at Zabeel Park B really gave us the fun we’re looking for. Somewhat similar to what we have experienced way back in Dubai Festival City, but this one is way better and more fun.

Boating with family at Zabeel park

Off we go… Sailing, sailing home…

Off we go boating

While crossing the Arabian sea… 🙂

Family Boat Riding

The little captain now wants to man the boat

Boat Riding Zabeel Park 2

And there he goes.. Aye aye Captain

Boating at Zabeel Park 1

My two ladies enjoying the ride, like we are on a yacht…

Dhs50 for a 20-minute boat ride for 2 adults and 2 kids was a total treat. My eldest Ilori felt even more happy when I let him take the wheel. The boat’s speed was at below 1 knot perhaps (lol), something parents like us had wished for a speed. No one wants to get wet by the water in that man-made lake especially in winter.

The fun doesn’t end there. You can also take a snap of the beautiful skyscrapers in the background. More great view when the sun sets. Lastly, if you want to orient yourself and want to know how cricket is played, you can also see our fellow Indian expats playing in the other corner of Zabeel Park.

Zabel Park View

A good scene before the day ends

Might be seeing you there with your kids one weekend a’ight!? You may share this as well to your friends. Tell them where to go in Dubai this weekend, boating at Zabeel Park

Rest after boating at Zabeel Park

Taking some rest before hitting the road back home




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