Fujifilm XQ2 – Premium Compact Camera

Fujifilm XQ2 White l Image Credit: Supplied

Probably The Most Powerful Compact Camera In The Market Today

Fujifilm unveils its latest compact camera for their premium X Series, the XQ2. With almost all of the latest camera technologies being incorporated into one, Fujifilm XQ2 is so far one of the most powerful compact cameras today. But before digging more on this latest gadget, let us bring back ourselves of what has transpired several months back.

If you all remember, Fujifilm previously released an equally powerful compact camera, the elder sibling of XQ2 which is the X100T.

Image Credit: Supplied

Fujifilm X100T l Image Credit: Supplied

This 16.3 megapixel sensor camera with a specially crafted 23mm F2 lens, can be best remembered of its real-time Parallax Correction which every photographer needs in search of precise and quality pictures. It also features the world’s first Electronic Rangefinder, which delivers unsurpassed image quality through its advanced color reproduction technology, and its unique ‘Classic Chrome’ film simulation mode.

As the 3rd generation of the X series, it also brings more added features like the reduced display time lag, automatic brightness control, and enhanced Live View settings. These have been added to the electronic viewfinder which provide a more comfortable shooting experience.

It is also the world’s first camera that can shoot videos using the optical viewfinder, resembling the shooting experience of a film camera. And to mention the wifi connectivity that reduces time and effort when transferring files to laptops or any other wifi enabled  devices.

Fujifilm XQ2

Now back to XQ2. Just recently, Fujifilm released its newest member of the family. This premium compact camera is believed to be the most powerful one as of today.

Although XQ2 has a bit lower specifications compared to the X100T, but this small gadget with only 12 megapixel camera lens, still has a lot to offer that would back its claim as the powerful one. You can assess how powerful this camera is with the following:

It has a…
Unique sensor design and X Series image quality which controls moiré and false colors that gives an excellent resolution and low noise.

It has a…
Bright F1.8 lens which has a wide-angle maximum aperture of F1.8, and a 4x zoom. This allows natural bokeh effect in the background, which then creates a beautiful contrast of the main subject.

It has a…
Speedy and responsive shooting that won’t let you down when you need to capture a fleeting moment with its world’s fastest AF of just 0.06 seconds and a shooting interval of 0.3 seconds until the next shot can be taken, while shutter lag is an almost unnoticeable 0.015 seconds.

It has an…
Easy operation and great handling features with the premium finish of the camera body.

It can…
Transfer images wirelessly by just pressing the Wi-Fi® button on the camera and instantly add the images to your blog or share them with friends via social networking sites.

It has a…
Focus and review in comfort feature through its 3.0-inch 920K-dot LCD.

It has an…
Intelligent flash which accurately controls the flash power required for any shooting situation.

It can also…
Process RAWs on the move through the in-camera RAW development function, which can also be converted to JPEG without the need for additional software or computer.

It can…
Shoot HD Movies at 60fps with a dedicated image stabilization function which also comes with Film Simulation Modes to give your videos a distinctive and creative look.

It has…
Perfect colors and creative options which have been cultivated through the development of photographic films over the past 80 years.

With this, comes the eight Advanced Filter functions:
Pop Color – Emphasizes contrast and color saturation
Toy Camera – Creates shaded borders as if you were taking a photo on a toy camera
Miniature – Adds top and bottom blur for a diorama or miniature effect
Dynamic Tone – Creates a fantasy effect by boosting tones
Partial Color – Retains one selected original color and changes the rest of the photo to black & white. Colors can be selected from red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple
High Key – Enhances brightness and reduces contrast to lighten tonal reproduction
Low Key – Creates uniformly dark tones with few areas of emphasized highlights
Soft Focus – Creates a look that is soft throughout the whole image

Fujifilm XQ2 Silver l Image Credit: Supplied

Fujifilm XQ2 Silver l Image Credit: Supplied

Fujifilm XQ2 White l Image Credit: Supplied

Fujifilm XQ2 White l Image Credit: Supplied

Depending on requirements and preferences, both the X100T and XQ2 are perfect choices for professional and amateur photographers alike. Available now in any leading electronic stores in the UAE. You may also visit Fujifilm-MEA.




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