Be Crazy With Fun At Al Ghurair Centre’s Dub Fest 2015

 Al Ghurair Centre’s Dub Fest 2015 – International Street Theatre & Comedy Fair

Al Ghurair Centre has always been freakingly serious in bringing total fun to its shoppers and visitors. This year’s Dub Fest started last Thursday, 19th March, which we missed. But we made sure to be there on the second day.

At 1:00 in the afternoon, where the middle-eastern summer sun slowly sets in the west, temperature of the closed street at the back portion of the mall is perfect for the fun to begin. Along with other Dubai bloggers and kids and with the early afternoon shoppers, we watched the first show of the 2nd day by the American talented and certified skilled comedic Magician Todd Various.

In front of Paul Café near entrance four, all of us had a crazy good laugh with Todd’s tricks and comedy. I know that what he did were all possible like the swallowing of 1 inflated straight balloon right down to his throat but I am one among the kids, who were puzzled of “HOW in the world” did he do it. Pretty clever he is.

There was a moment where all of us in the audience, kinda forget what we ought to do like clapping for every after tricks, because of the obvious reason; we were completely dumbfounded by his performance. He was really good.

Family at Al Ghurair Centre

This is my brood, while waiting for Todd Various

Dub Fest 2015 Tood Various

The magic tricks and fun start in 3….2…..1

Dub Fest 2015 Al Ghurair Centre

How he makes those little and big balls appear under those small cups from nowhere, amazes everyone

Dub Fest 2015 at Al Ghurair Centre Dubai

And this one too. After swallowing that balloon, no pop, no nothing. It’s simply, gone. Down to his tummy perhaps?! 🙂

Dub Fest 2015 Giant Chess

Neatly arranged giant chess, right?! Ready to be moved by the few talented and intelligent chess players.

Siblings Ivana and Ilori at Dub Fest 2015

And there they are! My little girl Ivana was like screaming for help because my son Ilori (her kuya) is about to capture her knight with his pawn.

Ilori playing domino effect with jenga blocks

Ilori is here to tell you that Jenga can be played “domino effect” as well. 🙂

What you’ve just seen are just some of the total fun brought to everyone by Al Ghurair Centre’s Dub Fest 2015. There are a total of 45 performers from different countries and over 400 performances and shows for everyone to check out until 28th of March. From the closed street and to the other parts of the mall.

This is what you are going to tell your parents and friends, “all shows are completely free and suitable for all ages.” A’right?!

Here’s more, Circus and International Workshops are being held as well, everyday till the 28th. Have your kids experience the how-tos of being a street performer. (You may check the Terms & Conditions for these)

And for you to keep in mind this popular mall activity, you may check and choose which of the cool Dub Fest 2015 merchandises you want to keep.

And lastly, if you’ll spend AED 200/- from any shops of the mall, you’ll have the chance, with your family of 4 to have a Trip to Scotland to witness the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and a Shopping Spree in London.

Ivana with Dub Fest 2015 Merchandise

UL: Ivana strikes a pose with Dub Fest 2015 venue as background. LL: Dub Fest 2015 ref magnet. UR: Dub Fest 2015 Shirt in a canister. LR: And the colorful Dub Fest 2015 tumbler.


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