2nd Day Of Meet d3 At Dubai Design District

Meet d3

The inaugural event Meet d3 at the newest place in the emirate, the Dubai Design District, was a big success I reckon.

Friday afternoon when I brought my brood to the place. Promised to just have a glimpse then proceed to the Dubai Mall, but instead we spent hours there.

While heading, “hungry” was likely the outcry among us inside the car. Had some second thoughts of getting a quick bite from a petrol station we passed by but decided to have it in the district as this is what I’ve read from the press releases. This event is all about “designers, artists, musicians, concept retailers and unique dining experiences.”

With properly attended parking area, finding a spot was not a problem. One simple indication on how the event was properly and seriously looked into by the organizers.

Once inside the area, we still managed to take pictures of the different displays right in front of us. We kinda forgot our hunger for a while.

Dubai Design District One

D3 Entrance

Dubai Design District Four

The creative display of room service by S*uce.

Dubai Design District Two

They call it the Illusion. Felt like I was in the middle of a sandstorm

Amongst Few

How many caps are there? Answers in the comment section please. 🙂

Dubai Design District

Cool designer bags and bangles for her

Dubai Design District Eight

One of the most viewed exhibits is the glass making by Lasvit Team

Dubai Design District Three

Colorful hand-made cushions by Kuwaiti Designer Tahir Sultan

Then few steps away from the entrance, few of the food stalls and food trucks greeted us with “hello hungry tummies.” All of the food stalls and food trucks were there not just to feed the hundreds of onlookers of the event, but were there to showcase their creativity as well which is one of the purposes of the Meet d3 and of the near to completion district.

The delicious Rice and Chicken Masala from Moti Roti, filled our breadbasket.

Kids then went to their areas of fun.

Dubai Design District Five

The Moti Roti food truck

Dubai Design District nine

The classic food van of Taqado

Dubai Design District ten

And the other classic food truck of Panifico

Dubai Design District Seven

City Bench by Emirati ­designer Khalid Shafar. With the artificial grass on it, this happens. 🙂

Dubai Design District Six

Perfect place for kiddos and the not

Unfortunately, we’ve missed to witness any of the lined-up performances by local and foreign performing artists including John Newman’s. The 3-day Meet d3 event has ended but left a promising mark especially to those who have attended, that the Dubai Design District, once completed, will thrive as home to the creative minds that will help continue build, Dubai.

The district will compose of office spaces, creative offices, residential, hotels, retail, F&B, and convention centre. A very strategic location, not far from the heart of Dubai.

Business Opportunities

If you are among those who are planning to showcase their talent and put up a business in this newest district, you may start the process now from their Dubai Design District site.

Dubai Design District Masterplan

In my observation, the encircled part is yet the finished area of the overall district based on our visit l Image Credit: Supplied





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