Nezesaussi Grill – Great Sports Hangout In Downtown Dubai

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Wednesday @ Al Manzil Downtown Dubai

Still one more day before the week ends in Dubai, UAE, but who can say no to Nezesaussi Grill of Al Manzil Hotel, Emaar Boulevard, The Old Town, Downtown Dubai for their reopening? Felt fortunate to have been invited to the reopening of this one of the few Sports Hangouts in the area.

Barca was playing against PSG already when we arrived at the bar and restaurant. Everybody’s on a festive mood, but not entirely because of the game this time, I reckon. T’was because of the new Nezesaussi interior that stupefies its patron and invited guests.

Flowing choices of great beverages and delicious food selection prepared by Culinary Director Chef Spencer Black, filled everyone’s tummies. I could see most of us, who jam-packed the area, came directly from our respective work offices with sleeves all rolled up.

Nezesaussi Grill Entrance

Nezesaussi Grill Entrance

Nezesaussi Grill lounge

19 TV screens are spread out all over the restaurant

Nezesaussi delicious selection of food


With wifey at Nezesaussi

My wife enjoys every bit of it

Drafts at Nezesaussi Grill

Cold drafts cool us down

Guinness Irish Dry Stout

and blend it with a stout

Sports memorabilia are everywhere too. Every corner of Nezesaussi Grill makes you really feel that kind of feeling when you are in an actual sports arena watching a match of your favorite team. That even when you are in the loo. LOL! Sports sections of newspapers are hanging for you to read.

It just feels good to hangout and let loose with friends, lovedones and even families in this non-smoking place.

There’s the newly installed jukebox as well for you to choose and play your kind of music. One of Sting’s songs is still fresh in my memory and so the other 80’s songs that were played.

Despite the healthy noise of laughter and conversations, one would undeniably get that stress relieved and relaxed. We left Nezesaussi with the happy tummies and thoughts that FC-Barcelona defeated Paris Saint-Germain for a 2-o victory which leads them to UEFA Champions League semi-finals.

Nezesaussi Grill sports hub

Sports update

Nezesaussi Grill sports memorabila

Signed memorabilia

Sports memorabilia 1

Christiam Cullen signed (quanco) rugby ball

Nezesaussi Grill Jukebox

Choose your favorite song while sipping your favorite bubbly

How To Get There

Though it’s tucked in a some kind of a remote location within the famous Downtown Dubai, finding Nezesaussi Grill isn’t that difficult, because it is in Al Manzil Hotel Downtown Dubai. Just a walking distance from the Dubai Mall and from its sister Vida Downtown Hotel. Going there is like being on 3 countries in one particular time as Nezesaussi is derived from New Zealand, South Africa and Australia.

Just to note, one of the changes is that Nezesaussi has to be accessed now through Souk Al Manzil and not from the hotel itself.

For further information, visit Al Manzil or call +971 4 428 5888.

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