Taste Of Wafi On Saturdays

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At Wafi Mall

Taste the goodness of Emirati food at the one of the most sought-after food events in Dubai, the Taste Of Wafi.

Now on its 3rd edition, Wafi Mall’s yearly family food fest has grown dramatically and attracted more foodies in participation which secures a wide variety of Emirati traditional, homemade and even imported recipes to check from. Situated at the Colonnade Area of the mall, these locally-produced food products were being sold by the food entrepreneurs and foodies themselves.

Knowing a bit of information on how the foods on display were made and what it’s made of, interacting with the people behind the products, make the visit to Taste Of Wafi even more tasteful. 🙂

Like how my wife and I had a short chat with the youngest Emirati entrepreneur and foodie himself, Abdullah from Al Ibda Sweets. The ones being displayed are actually products of their family’s own works.

Abdullah l Al Ibda Sweets

Abdullah l Al Ibda Sweets

Al Ibda Sweets

Al Ibda Sweets

He’s just one among the locals who have showcased their  food skills during the opening day of the event on Saturday, April 18. Also on display were authentic Emirati dishes and ingredients sourced out locally.

Taste of Wafi 19 Umbishr

The best Kunafe that I have tasted by Umbishr l IG: @umbishr

Taste of Wafi 16 Traditional pickles

These homemade pickles make you drool l Call 055-8888665 to order

Sweets and more sweets

This is just to let you know in case you are on diet, irresistible savory sweets will tempt you delightfully. Saying no to sweets at the Taste Of Wafi is a big challenge as most of the displays are so tempting and like ready for grabs.

Taste of Wafi 4 Gold Chocolatier

Locally produced chocolates by Fatma Qassim of Gold Chocolatier l IG: @goldchocolatier

Taste of Wafi 8 Fantasy Sweet

Fantasy Sweet in a box l IG:  @fantasysweet_87

Taste of Wafi 12 Fashion Sweets

Fashionably Sweets l IG: @fashionsweets

Taste of Wafi 11 Chocolove gourmet

#sharing_chocolate by Choco Love Gourmet l IG: chocolate_gourmet

Taste of Wafi 5 Bethitht Alreem

Bethitht Alreem l IG: @bethitht_alreem

Taste of Wafi 15 Cioccolatino2

An Italian brand name but with an Emirati touch by Amal AlMazroui l IG: @cioccolatino2

Taste of Wafi 3 Dawaaq

Made with passion l IG: @Dawaaq

Taste of Wafi 9 Bodbods cookies

You now know who owns this cookie brand l IG: @bodbodscookies

Taste of Wafi 18 Camel Cookies

Message your family now in your home country that they’ll be receiving a CAMEL soon 🙂 l IG: @camel_cookies

4 of the imports

And since it wouldn’t be more lively without mentioning some hardworking expats displaying their own traditional recipes with them.

Taste of Wafi 6 Heart Made

Who can say no to that Heart Made cheese buns from Brazil? l IG: @heartmadeDubai

Taste of Wafi 10 Panahipour

Mall’s resident store Panahipour with their medicinal herbs, saffron and more, from Iran l No. 6145, Khan Murjan, Wafi Mall

Taste of Wafi 17 Zois Fine Food

Exquisite Greek products by Zois Fine Food l IG: @zoisfinefood

Taste of Wafi 7 a tarte

Portugal’s pride, a tarte by Rute Conceição l facebook.com/atarteDubai

They all taste great. No doubt about that. But what instills in me as my overall observation in Taste Of Wafi, is the marketing strategies that each participants have. I’ve learned that most of them don’t even have actual stores or shops yet, but with social media and with this food event, leveraging their production sales is not really that difficult. Only needs passion and dedication in making other people happy of what they eat.

Another thing, which I reckon considered to be among the most important factors in marketing; these are packaging and branding. Catchy and easy to retain names, do well in food business. Isn’t it?!

Just like this last but not the least Emirati owned food biz with a twist. Literally, with a twist, because what you can see in the following pictures are indeed bulb-like glass bottle with real twisting caps like that of a real incandescent bulb. You do not only purchase a delicious juice here but also that uniquely designed glass.

Taste of Wafi 13 Farfasha Juices

Grab your bulb at Wafi this Saturday l IG @farfasha.juices

Taste of Wafi 14 Farfasha Juices 2



Taste Of Wafi
18th April – 13th June 2015
Every Saturday l 10am – 7pm
Ground Floor, Colonnade Area
Wafi Mall

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