Why Head To Al Ghurair Centre Street Art Connection 2015?

Image Credit: Al Ghurair Centre's FB page

Urban Art Fest

The cover or the feature image of this post answers the title.

Everyone’s just so fortunate that Al Ghurair Centre is showcasing this particular branch of art which essentially uncovers the artsy side of the young and the young once alike.

Al Ghurair Centre Street Art Connection or the #AGCStreetCon is one of the many lined-up “art and culture” activities in Dubai.

It aims to energize public spaces in order to make art accessible to the community. As for the artists, it will allow both local and international artists to showcase their talent and spark a conversation between them and the audience to interact and learn from.

It is always great to hit 2 birds with 1 stone. After shopping or the other way around, get yourself amused by the ramifications of the 20 participating local and international artists’ creative juices.

Miracoco by Architects of Air, The Side Wall and 3D Floor Art by Kobra, The Fillers by Depiktone, Stray by Angelo Aguilor, The Wall by Tarsila Schubert, the Creativity Corner by The Jam Jar, Neon Room by Matt Ryder, Fumes and Mold Workshops by The Brownmonkeys, Box Art among others, are what you can find in Al Ghurair Centre. Started last 23rd of April and runs till 2nd of May.

In case you haven’t been there yet, here’s some of my snaps to entice you.

AGC StreeCon 2015 1

I don’t know what got into my son here. He said this is his AGCStreetCon pose. 🙂

AGC StreeCon 2015 Adam Kadabra

Just in front of Paul’s, here’s the incredibly talented Adam Kadabra with my kiddos in the audience

AGC StreetCon 2015 Artsy family

AGCStreetCon means family 🙂

AGC StreetCon 2015 Box Art

AGCStreetCon means siblings

AGC StreetCon 2015 Art Wall

AGCStreetCon means freestyle graffiti 🙂 (wifey and kiddos)

AGC StreetCon 2015 My URL

This shows how people love art. I painted my URL…


… then an hour later, I went back to the same spot and boom! It’s all filled up.

AGC Street Connection 2015 Street Art

It’s just so colorful

AGC StreetCon 2015 Cats

The Stray. See how these wonderful snaps of Angelo Aguilor inspire the creation of a community for cat rescue, fostering and adoption

AGC StreetCon 2015 Cats 2

Love cats?

AGC StreetCon 2015 KobraStreetArt

The Epic Mural of Brazilian Street Artist @KobraStreetArt l Still at 95% to completion when this was taken. See the finished one now in Al Ghurair Centre (till 2nd of May)

AGC StreetCon 2015 Neon Bikes 1

Why not? By simply adding a rectangular see-through glass on top of this, you’ll now have a table. 🙂

AGC StreetCon 2015 White Cycle

To caption this: The White House on a bike

Al Ghurair Centre Street Connection 2015 Skateboards

Skateboards on display inside the mashup room

AGC StreetCon 2015 Mash Up Room

All about bicycles inside the mashup room

AGC Street Connection 2015 Hashtag

Now, share all your snaps and don’t forget to hashtag #AGCStreetCon

This is a yearly event like the other great events of Al Ghurair Centre. To mention one, the recently concluded and successful #DubFest 2015. It is great to share with you as well the below photo of the April-May 2015 issue of AGC magazine where myself and my little girl #Ivana were among the selected few snaps to be featured. This magazine is indeed worth keeping.

You might want to have your own Al Ghurair Centre Street Art Connection 2015 keepsake. There’s this great option too aside from all those snaps you’ve taken. You need no external memory drive or iCloud to store these keepsakes, because you’ve got to wear and use them. #AGCStreetCon 2015 Merchs are up for grabs.

Al Ghurair Centre Magazine April-May 2015 Issue

2nd pic of 2nd row, that’s me and my little girl Ivana from April-May AGC magazine issue

AGC Streetcon 2015 Merchandise

Street Art Connection merchs – Caps, T-shirts, pencils, pin badges and more

Oh wait, got to end this coz I promised my kids to get inside that Miracoco tent-like kind of thing in the parking area of the mall. So see you guys there.

For all other info, visit Al Ghurair Centre’s Street Art Connection 2015 official website.

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