Al Khazan Park In Al Satwa, Dubai, Brings Back Its Glory

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The Only Solar Powered Park In The Region

Parks, parks, and parks. Dubai and all of UAE have them in almost just everywhere. Where during weekends, throng of families or group of friends would gather to make the best out of it after the long work week.

There’s the Jumeirah Beach Park (Note: currently under massive renovation), the Zabeel Park, the Al Mamzar Park, the Al Safa Park which are considered to be the most famous parks in Dubai. All have wider land areas and have great family-friendly facilities like grilling, shades and more.

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For the health-conscious Dubai residents, local and expats alike; both Zabeel and Al Safa are favorites because of the rubberized running tracks in place. (Note: Al Safa Park has a portion under massive development which is part of the multi-million dirhams Dubai Canal project).

But there are small awesome parks as well tucked in the middle of the high-rise buildings like the one in Business Bay area, the Bay Avenue Park. Open and has some great concrete jungle views. The Burj Khalifa is one perfect view.

But there’s this one park that simply outweighs all those parks I have mentioned. Not in terms of size because this park is relatively small, but because it has something where no other parks in the region has. Aside from the reality that long before those parks became famous, there’s this park built in 1980 in Al Satwa, which is considered to be the landmark of Dubai because of its humongous water reservoir on it.

For awhile though, it kinda lost its popularity but then, “in 2014, the Dubai Municipality reinstated and made it regain its lost glory by making it the First Solar Powered Park in the region.” This is the Al Khazan Park.

A family park with playground that is every child’s longing.



Al Khazan Park Solar Panels

Solar Power Panels that give power to the lights and irrigation systems of the park

Al Khazan Park with Burj Khalifa

Perfect view of Burj Khalifa, World’s Tallest Tower

Al Khazan Park Kiddie Rides

Son Ilori enjoys the dino stationary ride

Al Khazan Park Baby Ivana

Daughter Ivana says “nice ride”

Al Khazan Park Slide

Bright and colorful slides

Al Khazan Park Playground

Behind are the Sheikh Zayed Road skyscrapers

Al Khazan Park with Khalifa

This round pergola adds drama to the scenery of the park

Al Khazan Park tables

Perfect for quick bites for kids after or in the middle of their needed energy-burning activity in the playground

Al Khazan Park Water Reservoir

The sun sets and the solar powered lights begin to do its duties

Al Khazan Park at Night

Thanks to green technology for this green bright lights

Four months have passed from its reopening, Al Khazan Park has finally regain the glory it once had.

Opens from 8:00 am till 11:00 pm, the park is located between the first interchange on Shaikh Zayed Road and Al Wasl Road.






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