Indoor Playground and Fun To Escape The Sun In Dubai

Summer is Dubai

The outdoor activity we had in Al Khazan Park with my kids a week ago was probably the longest and the last for this season. Mercury starts rising and doing outdoors on weekends with this extreme weather is not at all a good idea.

The highest recorded temperature in Dubai is 52.1 °C (126 °F) in July 2002, according to And happening again is not far from possible.

But that doesn’t mean to just spend your time with family and kids inside the four corners of your home, because Dubai has more than enough to offer.

Gigantic malls are everywhere and are very much accessible which is one great way to escape the excruciating Middle Eastern summer heat.

Fun City

We were fortunate enough to have been invited by Fun City to their Family Themed Mornings. One of the fruits perhaps, of being a frequenter. 🙂

So last weekend, we had a good start with our summer in this indoor playground. Woke up early on a Saturday morning to ready the kids, and head to Oasis Centre. Dashing (within the allowed speed of course) the usually busy Sheikh Zayed Road in the morning during weekends is way possible. The road was clear like the Yas Island Marina Circuit, off F1 season.

Fun City Façadé

Fun City Façade l Oasis Centre

Play Zone in Fun City

Kids first stop, Play Zone l Fun City, Oasis Centre

Ivana with balls in Fun City

Daughter Ivana enjoys the colorful plastic balls as always l Fun City, Oasis Centre

Daughter Ivana on a canoe in Fun City

Best Canoe ride l Fun City, Oasis Centre

Son Ilori on a canoe in Fun City

Son Ilori’s first and won’t be the last l Fun City, Oasis Centre

Son on a harley in Fun City

Harley Davidson driving l Fun City, Oasis Centre

Big Swing at Fun City

With wifey, son Ilori, and 2 new found friend siblings on a giant swing l Fun city, Oasis Centre

Dinosaurs in Fun City

Dinosaurs may be extinct, but we got ’em l Fun City, Oasis Centre

My Brood at Fun City

See how happy these 3 kids, lol l Fun City, Oasis Centre

But seriously, it’s not that hard to admit that not only the kids can have fun but also we, parents. Fun City has always been cool for the young and the parents alike, same thing to get from all other indoor playgrounds in the UAE.

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After all those crazy fun rides and the much needed energy burning activities, everyone must have that immediate refilling, which must be the healthy one. Like the nearby Balance Café. Great ambiance, soothing environment and great food. Together with other invited fellow bloggers, the fun ended with a hearty brunch.

Balance Café Oasis Centre

Balance Café l Oasis Centre

My brood at Balance Café

My Brood l Balance Café, Oasis Centre

Kids Drinks at Balance Café

For kids refueling l Balance Café, Oasis Centre

Food at Balance Café

Balance Café, Oasis Centre

Balance Cafe food

Balance Café, Oasis Centre

New in Dubai or haven’t visited the place yet? No worries, Fun City and Balance Café are just right there waiting. But just some tips here. To get that utopian fun with the whole family, better do it in the morning especially on weekends when kids are in their highest energy level.

To know more about the place, follow them on Facebook Fun City, Oasis Centre  or check their website Balance Café

How to get there:

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