Yarmarka a La Russ At Taste Of Wafi

Russian Culture Adds More Fun At Taste Of Wafi

Yarmarka means fair. Adding that to Taste Of Wafi, creates an even bigger fair. Yarmarka a La Russ adds more buzz to this 2-month long event which happens every Saturday in the Colonnade Area of Wafi Mall.

Displays of Russian delicacies, crafts and textiles are for everyone to check and experience as an addition to the Emirati cuisines and other local recipes. Among them are caviar, exquisitely smoked and preserved Russian shark, painstakingly handcrafted plates with designs that define its origin, etcetera.

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But I reckon, Yarmarka wouldn’t be complete without its famous colorful hand-painted craft called Matryoshka doll or simply the Russian nesting doll.

“Matryoshka doll is a set of wooden dolls of decreasing size placed one inside the other”, as wikipedia.org defines it. One can see how elaborate the paintings are starting from the larger outer doll down to the inner smallest.

And also, as what Russia is also known for which is dancing; 3 lovely ladies entertained the visitors with their traditional Russian Folk Dance.


Omega-3 rich Salmon caviar

Russian products

Russian goods

Russian Sweet Nuts Cookies

World famous Russian Sweet Nut Cookies

Walnut Russian oil

Russian Walnut Oil

Russian Dolls

Matryoshka or Russian doll by dxppro.com


Jewelry boxes

Intricately done plate

Intricately designed plates

Russian Dancers

Russian Folk Dancers


Meet the white Russian Cheburashka Mascot

Above is the white Russian Cheburashka Mascot which is also part of the entertainment prepared by one of the exhibitors, dxppro.com for your kids. This is for them to be busy and to have fun at the same time.  Like little Sultan here. You can see how happy he is in the picture. This is after getting a hold of one of the coloring pencils on the table.

Sultan is in for coloring

Little Sultan enjoys coloring

Any plans this coming Saturday and the next Saturdays until June 13? Why not spend some quality time with family and friends at Wafi Mall for this year’s Taste Of Wafi.

Taste Of Wafi
18th April – 13th June 2015
Every Saturday l 10am – 7pm
Ground Floor, Colonnade Area
Wafi Mall

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