Iftar At City Café In Bur Dubai

City Café, Citymax Hotel

City Café Iftar

Every Ramadan in Dubai, there’s this 2 of the many things that always come to mind. First, is that how good the Holy Month is to us, especially expats like me, as working hours are now 2 hours less than the regular days. Non-fasting UAE residents are basically just reaping some benefits of this season which are actually intended for the local Emiratis and Muslim expats who are fasting.

But anyway, working less means, you can while away more time, especially with family and friends.

Second thing though is that, since Ramadan happens every summer time here in UAE, that means you’ll be leaving the work early, and then you’ll get yourself a bit toasted by the scorching heat of the middle eastern sun.

But am I to complain about that? Personally, I’d prefer an extreme hot weather than an extreme cold one. Seriously.

Fortunately, I was invited to an Iftar in the restaurant of one of the hotels in Bur Dubai District. It’s the City Café of this four-star hotel Citymax, located on Kuwait and Mankhool Streets.

I was alone this time, as my wife had to be at her company’s Iftar event. Expecting to be joining those who have invited me but unfortunately, they weren’t there as well. But still grateful to have joined on my table the Marketing Managers of the hotel. Mr. Avinash Reddy and Mr. Rohit K. Challapalli.

City Café Citymax Hotel

Salads l City Café, Citymax Hotel

City Café Citymax Hotel 2

Fattoush, Stuffed Vine and Coscos

Lamb on skewers at City Café

Lamb on skewers l City Café

Cabbage City Café

Wrapped Cabbage l City Café

Grilled Fish City Café

Grilled Fish l City Café

City Café Kibbeh

Fatayer and Lamb Kibbeh l City Café

Chicken Shisk Kebab City Café

Chicken Shisk Kebab l City Café

Kunafe City Café

Kunafe l City Café

Fruits City Café

Fresh Fruits l City Café

Juice City Café

Fresh Juices l City Café

Lamps City Café

A Blessed and Happy Ramadan!

Not in the picture though, was the tender Chicken Mandi that I’d recommend you not to miss along the Lamb On Skewers. The lamb is a bit chewy, but it tasted good.

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The food at City Café is overflowing and they’re all good. But with the Iftar price of only AED 59 per person and with the below offers, I think, calling it great is just fair.

All guests receive one free Funcity Play Area day pass worth AED 50 plus one free Balance Yoga session worth AED 75
But that’s not all – come with 4 people and the 5th person eats for FREE

If you are somewhere in Bur Dubai, I’d recommend your Iftar at City Café, Citymax Hotel at Kuwait Street.


I was invited to eat for free, but my comments remain completely honest and my own.




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