Sony Action Camera – Slowly But Surely Emerging

Sony Action Camera HDR-AS30V

When California based company GoPro introduced its pocket-sized action cam, it then captures a significant followers coming mostly from the extreme and adventurous consumers. This prompted Sony to take action and I reckon, one of the reasons why they’ve created and named their own pocket-sized version, Action Camera.

The very first version was Sony Action Camera HDR-AS10 then followed by HDR-AS15. That was in 2013. The camera didn’t quite get favorable consumer reviews but a lot of them considered it as a great move.

Then came the HDR-AS30V. Very similar to the first versions, with exactly the same dimension of W24.5 x H47.0 x D82.0mm, but has plenty of improvements in almost every aspect of it. With shooting capacity of up to 1080p at 60 frames per second, higher than the previous ones, video quality is enhanced.

Sony HDR-AS30V


Sony Action Cam Black w remote

HDR-AS30V with Remote Control

Sony Action Cam wo case


Aside from the improved video quality compared to its predecessors, HDR-AS30V has a built-in GPS (that even the current leader in the market doesn’t have). The 11.9 megapixels still photo resolution is a huge leap from the previous 2.0 megapixels resolution.

But the most distinct improvement is the WiFi. This made HDR-AS30V a bit costly than the previous ones but a very worth feature that every consumer needs because it now has wifi enabled Remote Control.

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Sony Action Camera HDR-AZ1VR

Then several model versions came, like the HDR-AS100VR, HDR-AS200V, HDR-AS200VR, and the HDR-AZ1VR. The size differences between all those models mentioned including the now discontinued HDR-AS30V before this, was intermittent. It went a bit bigger then smaller and then this one. HDR-AZ1VR is very small that Sony has to squeeze the LCD display in the camera.

But there’s this major changes that I really like. The ON/OFF and Wi-Fi buttons which you can’t find in HDR-AS30V. Turning the power and the Wi-Fi on has now become so quick and easy.

Sony HDR-AZ1


Sony HDR-AZ1 with remote control

HDR-AZ1VR with Remote Control

Sony Action Cam white

HDR-ASZ1VR Standing

Another remarkable improvement is its flat bottom surface where it stands on any flat surfaces. With or without case, it stands. One thing that the previous ones don’t have. On HDR-AS30V, the bottom is simply for ports.

HDR-ASZ1VR also has the advance image processor which is the BIONZ® X and “image stabilizer which capture smooth, steady images even while on-the-go”.

Sony Action Camera 1


Specs Comparison


HD Video Codec
Image Sensor
Image Processor
Photo Mode
Backlight Compensation
USB Terminal
Dimensions (W x H x D)
Mass (main unit only)
Mass (total)
Lens / Filter Diameter
Water Proof
Underwater Shooting
Shock Proof
Dust Proof


“Exmor R” CMOS Sensor
11.9 Megapixels 16:9
24.2 x 36.0 x 74.0 mm
Approx. 48g
Approx. 63g (NP-BY1)
Carl Zeiss® Tessar®
No (Not focus)


“Exmor R” CMOS Sensor
11.9 megapixels
Yes (micro)
24.5 x 47.0 x 82.0mm
Approx. 65g
Approx. 90g
Carl Zeiss® Tessar®

The two almost have the same specifications but one thing which I reckon, the downside of HDR-AZ1VR, is the underwater shooting.

With plenty of competitions have come into view, Sony Action Camera is the closest rival to GoPro. Would I recommend HDR-AZ1VR? (But remember, the HDR-AS30V is already discontinued). If you’re looking for trusted pocket-sized action cam, packed with good features and with a price significantly lower than the current leader in the market? I’d say absolutely Yes!

But if you’re looking for the latest action camera from Sony, there’s the 4K Full HD Action Cam with Live View Remote Kit, the FDR-X1000VR, which I am hoping to get a hold of, soon.





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