Who Is Gabriella Quevedo?

One Of The Women Who Run The World Now, Musically! 

Getting tired of watching YouTube pranks for the past days. I thought of diverting my interest to avoid monotonic YouTubing. 🙂 So I did some digging about this beautiful lass I saw from a friend’s post on my FB newsfeed. First impression of her was that, she’s “rockingly pretty”. She made “beauty and brains” phrase overrated and that it should be “beauty and fingers” now. Yes, you read it right, beauty and fingers. 🙂

This lass not only possesses beauty but also possesses wonderful fingers. She is Gabriella Quevedo. I don’t have to tell you where she’s from, or what her ethnicity is. What I would like to tell you is that she’s likely the male version of Sungha Jung. (Remember that acoustic finger style guitar master from South Korea?)

And to back that up, several cool collaborations of the two can be found on YouTube.

Anyway, the song she played which I saw on YouTube via FB, was Hotel California. A very clean, very well arranged (coming from a music lover’s perspective) and very intense rendition. But what really roused me, is the video where she’s in front of the lads, playing the guitar like a boss, with her Michael Jackson’s They Don’t Really Care About Us rendition.

The audience were like, “okay, Beyonce’s right, you (girls) run the world”. LOL!

So, here’s my top 5 pick videos of Gabriella Quevedo. Posting dates are from 2012 up to 2015. You can see how she progressed musically.

This is the cover that I am referring to. She totally owned the little show.

This second song is one of my faves and she nailed it.
I alway have goosebumps everytime I listen to Steve Lukather’s (Toto) version of this.
But Gabriella gave a different cool feeling of this George Harrisson (Beatles) original.
This is the video where I started to notice her progression.
And this short cover says it all. Don’t dare blink at 1:14, a’right?
Now we know who Gabriella Quevedo is. Do share this to those whom you love and care about. Infect your lovedones and friends with Gabriella’s infectious skill and smiles.
Tell us what you think of this talent on the comment box below.
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