Cool And Crazy Gift Items For Your Loved Ones

5 Best Gift Ideas For Your Loved Ones For All Occasions

The following are cool and hilariously crazy gift items for your loved ones, on all occasions.  You can give these as well to your friends, or most hated friends. LOL!

1. Wanna trip your dad, or friend dad, or a dad of your friend? Why not gift them with this awesomely annoying shirt below. It has different colors for you to choose from. I wonder what would be there reaction but most probably, they’re not going to wear it.

2. Enough of those smartwatch wars for now. This is a much different smartwatch though and won’t give you that phone features or functions. But this will surely give a smile to your smoke-loving friends.

3. This third one is gonna be super-laughin present to your calorie-conscious friend who’s on a diet. Whoever is responsible for the design of this thing, my salute to you sir/ma’am! hahaha

4. Or why not drool everyone in the water park or beach this summer with this donut float?  This basically reminds me of Theodore the chipmunk.

5. If #4 won’t satisfy you, then why not flaunt the sporty side of you on the beach with this humungous 12-feet beach ball?




And lastly, did I mention that those pictures are clickable for more infos, in case you missed to hover over it?

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