Sony RX100 Mark IV 4K Cybershot Review: Is This The Best Camera?

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Sony RX100 Mark IV 4K Cybershot Now In UAE

Four Factors to consider when buying a point and shoot digital still camera are looks, convenience, effectiveness/usefulness and affordability. But the latter would seem to be argued here. A lot of photo-junkies were already saying that Sony RX100 Mark IV 4K Cybershot is way way expensive. That’s one of the things we’ll find out. We will dig in and dig out. Despite the odds, let us know why it is considered as the best camera (in its category) in the market today. And to see whether this is a best buy or not.

I reckon, RX series cameras came into fruition to address the difficulties of amateur photographers. That is to duck all the technical complexities and all the unconventional photography terms. They made it compact and user-friendly, without sacrificing true quality photography.

From the oldest of the siblings the RX100, to the RX100 II, then the RX100 III, and now the RX100 IV; alterations and improvements are very much visible. Like how Sony experimented the multi-interface hotshoe on the RX100 II but later removed in the III and IV versions.

It was considered as one of the best features of RX100. Sony was doubted about it and called it an implausible move. Personally, I’d presume that the step of taking it off was carefully studied. Perhaps, they didn’t get a good number of accessories sold intended for that hotshoe, among other reasons.

But then, they’ve replaced those crossed out features with superb features instead, like the super cute pop-up flash, super flexible 3-inch tilting LCD monitor, super fast shutter speed with a maximum of 1/32000 sec.high-speed BIONZ X processor, the world’s first (as Sony claims) 1.0-type stacked CMOS image sensor etcetera.

In here are the full specifications of RX100 IV.

1. Looks

As what I have mentioned in the unboxing, the camera is sleek, sturdy, and gorgeous; no doubt about it. The majority aluminum body parts of the camera and black color, gave that sleek look which is typical for a Sony. You may find the pop-up flash and the tiltable LCD monitor a bit thin, but they’re solidly built.

RX100 Mark 4 Front

Sony RX100 M4 all set


2. Convenience

With an approximate weight of 271 g (body only) and approximate dimension of 101.6 mm x 58.1 mm, you’ll have that good hand grip. It fits into your pant’s pocket too but I would rather not do that, as the tiny cotton particles in there could easily seep in those narrow in-betweens of the cam. So making use of the provided wrist trap or purchasing a shoulder strap accessory to be attached to the provided strap adapters, is the right thing to do.

Buttons are neatly arranged, which are all reachable by the thumbs and forefingers. From pressing the power button, to popping the flash out and the bright XGA OLED Tru-Finder, down to controlling the mounted lens for manual operation. Not unless you have fingers with sizes like that of Incredible Hulk. LOL

You may find the viewfinder odd with the already awesome tilting LCD monitor, but it has its purpose. Think of those times when taking pictures under the bright, scorching Dubai sun. Tendency, is that finding the right focus for your shot would be impossible as all you can see on your monitor are just glares.  But on the good side of the LCD monitor, it is 180° tilt-able. It then automatically sets to 3-second timer snap when flipped. A pretty much simple and cool function perfect for your selfie rituals.

Sony RX100 M4 Cybershot handy

RX100 M4 Selfie

Also, this is very much less annoying than DSLRs, especially when doing street photography. Small camera is the new big now. 🙂

3. Effectiveness/Usefulness

First thing in this factor, is its mode dial. Each and every dial gives you that comprehensive description of what the function gives you when shooting, using it. Like what aperture priority is, etcetera. Great for amateurs.

Sony RX100 M4 Mode Dial

Sony RX100 M4 Cybershot Ben Ten

Second is its freakingly fast shutter speed.

This is what Sony claims: This next-generation 1/32000 sec. super-high-speed Anti-Distortion Shutter works to minimise image distortion caused by the rolling shutter phenomenon. The extraordinarily fast shutter speed also allows you to produce photos with background defocusing using a large aperture setting even under extremely bright conditions at a maximum of EV19

Third one is its wide ISO sensitivity which is up to 12,800. For a small camera such as Sony RX100 Mark IV, having this kind of feature gives you that perfect and crisp image even in an extreme low light. (One more reason perhaps why they removed the hotshoe and replaced it with that cute little pop-up flash).

Low light Sony RX100 M4

Sony RX100 IV Low light

Fourth one is its impressive connectivity. Like sharing instant images from RX100 Mark IV to your smartphone or any other mobile devices, through WiFi or Near Field Communication (NFC). You can also use your smartphone as remote control through a downloadable app. If you find charging it using the power cord cumbersome, just use the USB cable then, and plug it to your laptop. If both, power cord and USB charging seems impossible especially when you are shooting outdoor, just don’t forget to purchase a power bank. That certainly helps.

Sony RX100 M4 Power Bank

“No one buys camera anymore”, one friend of mine remarked after seeing me playing with it. “Why buy when you already have your smartphone”, he added. Well, smartphone has LOTS of limitations. And that needs no elaboration. 🙂

Unfortunately, RX100 Mark IV has limitations too. Among the four RX100 versions, this latest one can only take 280 shots, if we talk about its battery-life. Compared to 320 shots of Mark III. But then again, power bank is very affordable and easy to use. A’ight?

There are other limitations but are not worth mentioning. Remember, Mark IV is not a pro camera, BUT, functioning like one. Why? That’s the next one.

The fifth one is its super slow motion. This kind of feature can usually be found on pro-cameras. But Mark IV has it.

Easy to create super slow motion movies containing split-second moments of action. Choose shooting frame rates of 960/1000fps, 480/500fps, or 240/250fps (NTSC/PAL), depending on which is most suitable for the speed of a moving subject. Image quality is nearly Full HD at 240fps, and HD at 480fps in Quality Priority mode. The end trigger mode also enables you to capture 2 or 4 seconds before the MOVIE button is pressed, letting you capture the decisive moment – as per Sony

Just a note of this, you need an SDXC memory card of Class 10 or higher, with 64 GB capacity at least, as required for slow motion.

The sixth one is its direct 4K movie recording. “It also gives a stunning high-precision 4K images with suppressed moiré and jaggies that can be delivered via data readout without pixel binning or line skipping.”

And all these, because of the seventh and eighth things respectively. The BIONZ X™ for superior detail and texture; and 20.1 MP (effective) 1.0-type Exmor RS CMOS sensor. These two promise to give more realistic, rich, and with lower noise images even if shot with the lowest or the highest shutter speed.

4. Affordability

Now, we have come to the 4th factor. This is where the camera has kinda, flunked.


A straight YES! to all of you. It is expensive as you can buy a decent DSLR with Dhs. 3,699/- ($1,000). But then again, if we’ll go back to those 3 factors mentioned above, and if you have dough intended for an equally decent and great camera, then this sure is a best buy!


Better check it out now on Sony Middle East or from any leading electronics store near you.
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This is not a sponsored review and this is of author’s own and honest opinion.




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