Cinema Experience At Home With BenQ W1070+ DLP Projector

Will Projectors Make It To Mainstream Home Entertainment?

Gone are the days when you hear about projector, you’ll end up thinking only about it in an office or in a conference room hanging in the ceiling. Or being at the very center of a long conference table. These are just among the few and limited purposes of projectors, then. Well, for the big and commercial one, there’s the cinema houses.

But now, projectors have gained additional purpose, which is now for home entertainment. Even in the advent of sophisticated high-definition TV displays and widescreen among others.  That’s because projectors never ceased to evolve. Take for example, the BenQ W1070+ DLP Projector.

BenQ W1070+ with Ivana

Daughter Ivana, seems to know what’s going to happen

BenQ W1070+ top view

BenQ W1070+ ready for action

BenQ W1070+ front view

All set, in 3…2…1… roll VTR!

My 5-year-old son (not in the pic), who is still on vacation is having a great time with his 2-year-old sister (the one in the above pic). Especially that going outside is a big no no, in this very hot Dubai summer. But what added more fun is the timely arrival of the W1070+. This aged kind of technology gave us nights of cinematic experience already, especially during weekends.

With W1070+’s 3 major features i.e. easy installation, cinema color reality and immersive sound; the Jurassic World movie made our small apartment like we were inside the newly opened cinema in Burjuman Centre. All lights off, with only our wall being lit up by a 2200 lumens projector which has a 100″ screen display. It just feels great. The display is very clear. We were not using a Blu-ray DVD yet. How much more if we’ll play a movie with such kind. And I could picture how great this thing works on 3D too.

I felt a bit of pity on our small 32″ flat screen TV which is now left hanging on the wall, untouched for days already. 🙁

But before those Dino roars and chasing scenes from Jurassic World, we were also entertained by the projector with a PS3 connected to it. From Little Big Planet, to Angry Birds and Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm; all these games were displayed sharply on the wall even with the daylight.

See below video from the unboxing to above mentioned titles we’ve watched and played.

One of the reasons why all these were made possible, is because of the “1080p Full HD optimized optical system. This is made up of projection lens that is comprised with only glass-made lens elements.” Also, its 10000:1 contrast, and its “Texas Instrument’s advanced DarkChip3 DLP® Technology, make it project higher brightness and deeper black levels. This is by filling in the area where the digital micro mirror connects to its hinge to produce smooth resolution.”

Not to discount its short-throw technology and horizontal, or side-to-side, keystone correction feature too. Installing it is indeed, easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy. I can also say, that W1070+ is about mobility and flexibility, in addition to the top 3 major features mentioned above.

I reckon, it is just right to say too, that projectors do not have to make it to mainstream home entertainment anymore, because they already are. This is made even more true with BenQ W1070+ DLP Projector.


With a price range of Dhs. 3,999/- to Dhs 4,198/- depending on the bundle offer; having this tech will no doubt, make your home entertainment experience, better than ever.







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