Review: Why Toshiba Chromebook 2?

Toshiba Chromebook 2 In UAE

When Chromebook was first introduced by Google and partners back in 2011, it right away created a stir. But panned by many, especially from the traditional laptop users and tech critics at the same time. Why? Because of what they’ve described as “limitations.”

But still, with the right marketing strategy aimed at schools and people who haven’t owned a laptop yet, the first Chromebooks was a success.  This is the very reason too, of the arrival of the second generation of this Japanese computer tech company; the Toshiba Chromebook 2. A version, which is way better than its predecessor in a lot of ways.

But what is Chromebook? You might ask.

A Chromebook is a new type of computer designed to help you get things done faster and easier. Powered by Google’s Chrome OS™, and featuring built-in, up-to-date virus protection along with Google™ apps and services like Gmail™, Google Calendar™, Docs and Google Play™ (plus thousands more in the Chrome Web Store™). Unlike traditional PCs, Chromebooks update themselves automatically for free, so you always have the latest and the best version, while your stuff stays safe with Google Drive™ online file storage that’s automatically backed up as well. And Chromebooks play nicely with your other devices—your phone, tablet or another computer—so you can stay in-sync with your day, wherever you are.

The Look & Feel

This may not be as thin as the 2015 Macbook, but by just looking at the Toshiba Chromebook 2, you’ll be right away hooked by it.

Unfortunately, it has that “if-only-looks-could-kill” kind of thing also. This is when you’ll carry or touch this super lightweight laptop (which only weighs 1.35kg), you can tell how plasticky this piece of technology is.

On the good side of it, with the 320 x 214 x 19.3 mm dimension, grabbing the laptop with one hand is a breeze. And since its plastic, again, its light. 🙂

Chromebook 2 now in UAE

Toshiba Chromebook 2


I was a bit irked when I first flipped it open. The very slight margin of the cover/monitor to the keyboard/body makes the opening a bit difficult. Toshiba could have carved at least half an inch on the body for easy flipping.

Good thing is that, its 13.3-Inch Diagonal, FHD (1080p) TruBrite® IPS Display, makes you forget those above mentioned hiccups. Which is also wide enough for a tiny laptop like Toshiba Chromebook 2.

I have also noticed the way the keyboard was designed. Simple, less complicated, straightforward, and functional.

To name a few of the cool keyboard functions: First is the refresh key . This refreshes the page in one single click. You don’t have to drag and bring the cursor to the refresh icon on the address bar. Second are the back and forward keys  .  Another key, which I find a bit odd in the beginning, is the key with the magnifier icon on it.  The “search key”.  Odd because it is where “caps lock” used to be, for a traditional laptop.  Odd but cool because when the “search key” is clicked, Google search window pops up.  With this key function alone, Chromebook somewhat tells everyone how really focused it is to users like students, researchers, social media influencers, or people who are always on the go, etcetera.

But you don’t have to fret with these changes especially the latter part. Typing upper case now on Chromebook doesn’t mean you’re going to stick your pinky on the shift key while all your other fingers are clicking on the rest. You just have to click Alt + the search key to turn the upper case on and do it again to bring it back to search function.

Those simple keyboard changes that Chromebook has brought to us, are a clear manifestation that people at Google are always googling their hearts & brains out to create or to better things up.

Toshiba Chromebook Top View


I turned it on and lo and behold! Believe me on this, Toshiba Chromebook 2 is seriously fast to boot up. In seconds, I was already browsing my FB. That is because the very heart of this machine, which is the Chrome OS has to work only with its CPU/Processor, the Intel® Celeron®. No other hidden or unknown apps to restart with, which are common reasons to lagging issues of traditional PC and laptops especially when turning them on.

Yes, it has limitations. But those limitations need only to be taken care of by your PC and traditional laptop at home. Toshiba Chromebook 2’s primary role, is to give users the much needed mobility and flexibility like the mobile phones do. The only difference it has from mobile phones is that, it delivers fast, easy and conveniently.

Toshiba Chromebook 2 in UAE Back View


I am not a fan of Skullcandy speaker brand, but what they did in here made me wanna embrace them right away; even when I was finishing this post. The seamless speaker built under the keyboard produces a stunningly loud and clear sound. Watching your favorite YouTube prank or music videos would be a pleasant treat then.

Also its HD webcam guarantees clear video chatting.


With ports like USB 3.0 for charging your smart phone and speedy file transfers and HDMI® output for a multi monitor view, make this a powerful one. Not to discount the 9 hours battery life and the 3 hours fast charging, which is the bonus.

Also its 16GB eMMC and 100GB Google cloud free storage are among the additional bonuses you can get.

When you are not connected to the internet through wifi, you can still work offline with your email, edit your images, your documents among others.

Toshiba Chromebook 2 Front

Tech Specs

Tech Specs 1 Tech Specs 2 Tech Specs 3

Cost and Verdict

Now we’ve come to the bottom of it all. With Dh999/- price, I felt like scrolling back up this page and delete all those hiccups I’ve mentioned above i.e. limitations, plasticky, difficult flip open, and what-not, because the price justifies them all and make the real deal.

So why Toshiba Chromebook 2? It is because of that unbelievable price. And it is because this is the best laptop for first time users/owners, students, researchers, social media influencers, people who are always on the go and for people who wants an additional or alternative to their bulky and chunky machines.

This… is… the… best… buy!

Sadly though, you can’t see this from any of your favorite electronic stores in UAE. Instead you can check and order it online from their website: or contact their Head of Products & Services, Mr. Binu Thomas at








 Better yet, make your purchase as your way of support to sounds funny and the not so funny from amazon.

This is not a sponsored review and this is of author’s own and honest opinion.




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