The Odd-Looking Epson EH-TW5200 LCD Home Projector

Is This The Best Projector So Far?

Epson has become the Fiat of projectors with its one of the latest models. EH-TW5200’s design and looks remind me of those odd-looking compact Italian cars, like the Fiat 500. But this oddity made their cars famous.

Will this fate go to Epson’s EH-TW5200 as well? Well, Epson has long been an office name, and lately, has become a household name too, along with other leading projector brands.

But to be honest, I am not attracted with how they shaped the front part of the EH-TW5200. It’s like they’re applying aerodynamics on it like what cars do, when projectors do not get to face strong winds. It is mostly, an indoor piece of technology. Or shall I say on the other hand, that its odd looks do attract, enough to convince hobbyists, gamers, or office executives? In my opinion, it will likely not.

However, its shiny and glossy black body has kinda outweighed the above-mentioned oddity.

Now, after unboxing it, the installation and connection of cables follow, which are straightforward. That my 5 year old son was also quick enough to politely ask a Naruto movie before going to bed. And for a Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm game using his PS3 the next day.

Epson EH-TW5200 front

Epson EH-TW5200 back

The delivery, as what you can see in the video, was pretty impressive. That is because of its 2,000 lumens white and color light output. Though a bit lower as other models or competitors offer 2,200 lumens and more, it still manages to display with awesomeness. Well, it carries the latest 3LCD Full HD Technology 1080P (1920×1080) resolution, which means 3 times brighter colors and performance.

However, some say contrast ratio plays a minimal role in projectors, especially if you’re using it in a “not-so-really-dark” room.  But not for Epson as they got 15,000:1 contrast ratio, which promises a great enhancement to their 3LCD Full HD Technology to give a high definition 2D and 3D image displays.

Its short throw capability has demonstrated well enough too into the wall of our small apartment. With Keystone Correction, straightening the image display was effortless. And with the adjustable screen sizes which are from 30 inches to 300 inches, our family movie time has just been made even better. Our 32 inches flat screen TV is still left-hanging on the wall, untouched, for the past days.

Epson EH-TW5200 also promises no ‘lag time’ moments especially when playing your favorite game. That is because of its feature option wherein you can make a switch to ‘fast mode’. This really helps when playing games like football or soccer among others, that need split-second reaction times.

Oh wait, did I mention that EH-TW5200 has that awful bit of a noise when it runs? That is one additional of the few drawbacks I can mention. Fortunately, the noise will then be suppressed or drowned by the actual sound of the movie or games played on it. But for an office presentation use? Not…so good!

Tech Specs

Tech specs


In addition to connectivity, MHL is very well catered by this projector. The convenience of connecting your HD devices like smartphone or tablet, is there.

With the price range of Dhs 2,699/- to Dhs 3,699/-, depending on bundle offers, and if those oddities don’t bother you, then this can be a best buy for you. As to whether its the best projector in the market today? I’d say, it’s pretty good enough. Anyway, build and quality are rest assured here.




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