Fuddruckers Al Garhoud, Dubai – Best and Biggest in UAE?

American Chain of Restaurants – Fuddruckers Al Garhoud

It is always fun to be out and be in places where people usually gather. I am talking about malls, restaurants/foodcourts or anywhere especially in Dubai, where you’ll be reminded of how multi-cultured this city is. Such kind of places where you can also ponder on how cool the world would be if all countries have this kind of openness and welcoming culture.

But, there comes a time when you also want to be out, away from the crowd. This is especially when you have the craving or appetite but got no time to stay in queues and what not, to have your order. This happened a few weeks back, just days after the school reopened.

From my office, I went straight to wifey’s to pick her up and we hurriedly drove to Garhoud area in Deira to pick up our son’s new sets of uniforms. Thankfully, there was less traffic on Al Garhoud Bridge that we managed to arrive just minutes before the tailoring shop closes at 7:00. What’s more, the pieces we got were the last ones for our son’s size. Talk about lucky day eh!

Simple successes in life, like how we beat the time and did what was ought to be done for that day. It just feels great. 🙂 We were kinda grateful and relieved so to speak.  We wouldn’t want to see our son going back to school without the required school uniform while all his classmates are already in it.  That s*cks! Felt sorry too at the same time, because we acted like we were king and queen of last minutes. Promised not to be a lackluster next time.

As it was all sorted out, our breadbaskets right away reminded us of how hungry we were already.  T’was already past 7:00 o’clock in the evening. So off we went in search for a decent place to dine in. From the tailoring shop, we took some turns, then we saw Fuddruckers.

No hesitation. We parked, entered the restaurant, and smiled at the staff who gracefully greeted us and led us to a perfect spot with a table for two. Salivating while browsing all those appetizing steaks and burgers, we quickly placed our orders. But at the back of my head, thinking and hoping that what we ordered will be as tasty as it looks.

Looking around, my wife and I were in agreement that it was the right place for us that time as there’s not much people inside, which I think is usual for a weeknight. And that means our food can be served anytime soon. Just so I know when the peak hour or day is in this Fuddruckers Al Garhoud, noticing the 200+ seating capacity inside, I asked our server. Then he proudly said “every weekend”.

So there you go guys! That’s a tip right there. If you are planning to fill your tummies with any of Fuddruckers’ delicious options, gotta try it on a weekday or weeknight when it is not crowded, considering the throng of people that go there. A’right!? But if you want to be in a bit of a crowd, then why not on weekends too! 🙂

Fuddruckers Salad

Their salad and pickles are really appetizing

Fuddruckers Steak

Bone-in Striploin

Fuddruckers Steak Garhoud

Bone-in Ribeye

Fuddruckers Garhoud

But why steaks? You might ask, as Fuddruckers is known to have the World’s Greatest Hamburgers. 🙂 Well, it was just time for us to try their steaks which didn’t disappoint us, like their burgers. Tender and filled with juicy goodness. What I had in mind while browsing their menu, was materialized. All, tastes great.

Tired of those long queues or having your name on a waiting list to get a table in your favorite restos? And if you are somewhere near this area? This Fuddruckers Al Garhoud is the best place which is the biggest of all branches in the UAE, for you to go to.

Call 04-2827771

1 Granita Dh17.oo/-
1 Pepsi Dh14.00/-
1 Bone in Ribeye Steak Dh99.00/-
1 Bone in Strip loin Steak Dh99.00/-
Total Dh229.00/-









This is not a sponsored review and this is of author’s own and honest opinion.




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