Review: Smackingly Good Crabs At Chimes Dubai

Chimes Far Eastern Cuisine and Seafood Dubai – October Crab Festival

Chimes Dubai Facade

When most of us were busy packing for Eid Holiday travels and all, there I was at Chimes Far Eastern Cuisine and Seafood Dubai, together with my wife, “messing”-ly filling ourselves with the restaurant’s tasty crab recipes.

My wife had the Malaysian Butter Crab and I had the signature Singapore Chilli Crab dish. Both were gi-normous in sizes. But before the orders came, the irristible Kropek that came with the sweet chili paste, along with the equally crispy Spring Rolls, preluded the anticipated all-out messy attack.

Right in time, our crab dishes came each on a medium-sized wok, bathed in a rich thick sauce that looks so delicious and mouthwatering.  So we did chomp right away after taking some snaps of it.

Chimes Dubai 3 Kropek


Chimes Dubai 2 Spring Rolls

Spring Rolls

Chimes Dubai 5 Singapore Chilli Crab

Singapore Chilli Crab

Malaysian Butter Crab

Malaysian Butter Crab

Chimes Dubai 1

Chimes Dubai Duo

Chimes Dubai represents Far Eastern cuisines. From Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and a little bit from China.

Was a bit hesitant to get messy with it during the first few seconds, but then in order to get the ultimate goodness of such dish, I have to set aside cutleries and get messy with my crab.  Though, majority of the crab’s shell were pre-crashed, crab pliers and tongs were on the side ready to be grabbed anytime. I started with the fatty, browny-goodness meat of the crab. I remember my grandmother who used to tell me how to identify a great and healthylicious crab just by looking at the brown meat on it; the bigger it is, the healthier the crab. I got that kind of chewy, more tasty and high in Omega-3 kind of crab.

Then I went to its white meats. From the big claws down to the small ones and the main body sections of the crab. Flakey, sweet and moist flavor, high in protein. One of the indications that those crabs we’re eating were indeed freshly sourced and prepared.

And so is my wife’s Malaysian Butter Crab. She’s enjoying another great flavour because of the spike of some spiciness, which were neutralized by the buttery delicious sauce. The crispy fried (chili) leaves as well, added more excitement and a bit of intense flavour. On the other hand, the sweet, tangy, and the right amount of zing from the chili makes my Singapore Chilli Crab more tasty.

All these taste due to the distinct way of cooking it. Our crabs were expertly done by the Thai Chefs of Chimes. Although, just so you know, you have the option to have your crabs cooked in your own wants and ways of cooking it, reason why they’ve got an open kitchen.

So, 1 cup of rice each of the crab were just enough but the meaty sauces can be greatly finished off with some tender buns. And this, we will surely do next time. I know I still got a lot of other delicious menu to taste from Chimes Dubai including the Singapore Pepper Crab.

Now come October, the annual Crab Festival of the restaurant will be on once again. And more crab dishes will be added to the menu to choose from for the whole duration of the festival.

Chimes has been in the Dubai food scene since 2008 and received multiple awards already due to its sheer food service and quality.

Located in the ever-growing community of Al Barsha near Mall of the Emirates, Chimes Dubai is a great place to go to with your family and friends, with food experiences readied to satisfy your palette and seafood cravings. For those who haven’t tried them yet, aside from their dishes being so tasty, all of these are in very affordable prices.

One last thing though, they may have an impeccable dine in, take away, and delivery services, but I think now is the right time for them to branch out, at least somewhere in Old Dubai. 🙂

There you go, that wraps up this wonderful experience we had at Chimes Far Eastern Cuisine and Seafood restaurant Dubai. And a whopping 9 out of 10 for them.

Head down to Chimes Dubai now, or make your orders and reservations by visiting their user-friendly website:







I was invited to eat for free, but my opinions remain completely honest and my own.




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