Review: The Eye-Turner Lipstick-Looking Panasonic HX-A1 Action Camera

Is This A Good Alternative For An Action Camera?

Panasonic HX-A1 1

This point-of-view Panasonic HX-A1 is among the few brands, which didn’t follow the square-shaped action camera bandwagon started by GoPro years back. This tiny little gadget seems wanting to fulfill a mission. That is to break the monotony of how the action cameras usually look like.

Focusing in that aspect alone, I think HX-A1 outshines competitors. A look that could secure its own following. And I am talking about following from those tech guys, who usually settle on not so popular but are very much functional technologies. Those kind of techies or enthusiasts who are after the “use” and not on the “trend”.

This ultra-compact lightweight (approx. 45 g.) camera is oftentimes mistaken as a microphone, especially when it’s on top of a monopod. Worse, ladies look at it as a lipstick. Hahaha. But the moment you get to see face-to-lens, you’ll know that it’s a camera. And this gadget, which has an approx. 83.1 mm length and with 26.0 mm focal length is no ordinary camera. It boasts quad-proof features i.e. waterproof  that can shoot at depths of down to 1.5m, dustproof, 14° freezeproof and shockproof even to drops of up to 1.5 m, which are amazing features to reckon with.

With those 4 features, comes a guaranteed keepsake and memories of fun and adventure no matter where or how extreme they may be.

This wearable tech is very easy to use. With buttons that are comfortably positioned, switching mode functions like still, moving or video is a breeze. Panasonic HX-A1 also has removable ends. And these manifest exceptional functioning design especially for a small piece of technology like this one.

When shooting on night mode (which is among the top features too), replacing and putting the Glasscover (night mode lens) is another breeze by just removing the regular lens in the front-end. The back-end also is where the micro SD card slot and the micro USB/DC input are located.

I actually love the principle they adapted here. This is when installing the extended battery, which is like mounting a lens to a DSLR camera. You just have to tighten the two parts; the main body camera and the extended battery, then turn the knob-screw like rubber on it to tight, and then ready to roll.

For the past weeks of using it, I can say that Panasonic HX-A1 is pretty good enough to satisfy oneself with its Full HD quality video (2.87 megapixels) and image (2.66 megapixels) capabilities.

The comfort of USB quick charging through a computer is another bonus that can’t be discounted. Though the battery life performance is a bit off, but again, extended battery accessory is one good remedy. And if it’s not enough, you can just grab your power bank too.

Sharing and uploading is so easy as well with its WiFi and Hi-Speed USB version 2.0 features.

Panasonic HX-A1 2

Looks like a modern orange lipstick thingy eh!

Panasonic HX-A1 on a tripod

With it on a tripod, you’ll be likely mis-understood as a Geodetic Engineer making land surveys etc, which is cool. 🙂

Panasonic HX-A1 4

Looks perfectly fine mounted onto a monopod

Panasonic HX-A1 3

Some of its useful accessories i.e. twin mount, head mount, strap adaptor, extended battery, IR lens etc.

See this link for full specs.

There’s a black color version but I prefer using this orange one. It adds striking factor to catch the attention especially of those who are not acquainted with the gadget yet.

I really don’t see any major draw backs of this camera. Except that I personally don’t like the idea of having only the Panasonic Image App as its remote control and live view monitor. Panasonic could have manufactured a separate or dedicated accessory for live viewing and monitoring. Lagging issues with the image app is kinda dreadful.

BUT, with the current price range of $177.99/- to $194.95/- (Amazon) l Dhs 1,087.50/- (Jadopado), depending on bundle offer, it sure is a good alternative for an action camera. Keeping a record of your weekend activity with family and loved ones, friends, among others, will surely be taken care of by this camera.

You may check or grab yours from any of your favorite electronics store in Dubai and the whole of UAE now, or check Panasonic Middle East.





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