Wafi Bazaar 2015 In Wafi Mall On Saturdays

For Boring Saturday

To do away another boring Saturday, I’d recommend you to head to this small Egypt in Dubai, the Wafi Mall. Experience the Wafi Bazaar 2015. Over 50 participants with different awesome handicrafts, ceramics, perfumes, jewellery, arts, and other bits and pieces worth buying for.

As one of the pioneers of these seasonal alternative markets in Dubai as claimed by its organizer, you can enjoy this Saturday until the Saturdays of November by visiting them. Which at the same time, whiling away and literally away from the hot summer sun, inside Wafi’s bracing temperature. Perhaps planning to have lunch from any of the great Wafi Restaurants? Then this is the place to go to, after.

Perfect place for couples, families and everyone who’s into these kind of crafts. I purposely brought my wife there a bit early last Saturday and it turned out well. We’re able to see all the displays, crowd-free. And now what, she’s asking me to bring her there again this Sat and see what to grab from any of the displays. So we might be seeing you there.

Below are just some of the wide array of display items.

Wafi Bazaar Bags

Looks like those drawings you usually see on art books, but these are actually bags! 🙂

Wafi Bazaar 1

When you see these stalls inside Wafi, then you are at the right Bazaar

Wafi Bazaar 2 Artrageous

See how cool these hand painted wall decors artrageously done by the people behind “Artrageous”. 🙂

Bibs Boutique at Wafi Bazaar

You might wanna ask her if she knitted all these by herself.


Uniquely designed accessories perfect for gifting this Eid and for all occasions. My wife’s kind of choice of accessories. Ssssshhhhh.


And this couple came to Dubai all the way from Madagascar to showcase their hand-made crafts.

Check and visit Wafi Bazaar like what we did. Go there early. 🙂 And just so you know once again, they’ll be there every Saturday until the Saturdays of November. Opens from 10:00 am till 8:00 pm.

Now, if you have that business side of you and crafts to sell, you may contact Maggie, the organizer of this annual bazaar on magsthorne@live.com or call 04-3244555.







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