McDonald’s Levels Up Further With “Create Your Taste” Concept

Create Your Taste – This Secures Their Number One Status Even More

Artisan or gourmet burgers are sprouting like mushrooms everywhere now. Here in Dubai alone, countless stores of this kind have established significant following. And the way I see it, these somewhat irked the world’s largest chain of hamburger fast food restaurants, McDonald’s.

Hence, a well thought of Create Your Taste concept emerged.

It first started in California this year and is now timely expanding to select branches worldwide. Fortunate to have been invited to its inaugural launch in the UAE, which was held in the oldest and first branch of McDonald’s in UAE, in Al Ghurair Centre.

Aside from being innovative, this concept gives fun by creating your own burger and by just using your fingertips on their customised ordering humongous computer machines.

Here’s what the Managing Director and Partner of McDonald’s UAE, Mr. Rafic Fakih has to say:

As a global brand making the UAE its country for the last 20 years, we realised the importance of personalisation to our customers. Introducing ‘Create Your Taste’” is another step in our journey to serve the community we are part of

I was a bit reluctant on heeding the invite at first, as I know how bad the traffic in Deira area can usually get, even during weeknights; but I was glad to have responded to the invitation with a yes, at the last minute. We braved the traffic and got to experience the cool and unique Create Your Taste service, among the few first timers.

McDonalds 2

McDonalds 1

McDonalds 3

From the 6 simple steps (as what you can see from the above pic), I had the Artisan Roll for the bun, halal angus beef patty, the natural Swiss cheese, tortilla chips, raw slices of cucumber and just ketchup.  Just those, but it tasted great. I love my creation especially when hearing those crackling sound of the tortilla chips while munching. But I’m pretty sure no matter what combination you’ll make out of all those ingredients, same great taste you’ll be getting. Real tender buns, juicy angus beef patty and all these on that wooden serving board/tray.

On your visit to McDonald’s Al Ghurair Centre, you now know what to do. Upon entering the store, directly head straight to the ordering computer machines and follow the 6 easy steps, select payment cash or card and hand over the order receipt to the counter. Your order/s will then be cooked in a separate kitchen and it will be delivered to your table by the dedicated service team, guided by GPS devices on your table. Pampering? Yes it is. This comes with a bit of an extra on the price though, but who would resist such kind of service and quality taste that’s personalize by you? Nobody!

McDonalds 4

McDonalds 5

McDonalds 6

Our next burgers soon will be filled with guacamole and that is for sure. Wondering if this will also be available in other branches in UAE? Soon, more select McDo branches will have this Create Your Taste service.




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