Create Your Own Neapolitan Pizza At 800 Degrees In Deira City Centre

Newest Pizzeria In Town

They say, the longest minutes in life is waiting for food. But the newest pizzeria, 800 Degrees Neapolitan Pizzeria in Deira City Centre puts a strikethrough on that whole phrase. Here’s why.

After getting my privilege pass, went straight to place my order. The 800 Degrees steps in making your order are these:

  1. Choose a crust
    • Original Neapolitan
    • Gluten-free
  2. Choose a base
    • Margherita
    • Bianca
    • Bufalina
    • Marinara
    • Verde
  3. Add Ons
    • Dressings
    • Proteins
    • Cheeses
    • Vegetables

800 Degrees Neapolitan Pizza Deira City Centre

But for a faster option, there’s the Specialty Pies:

  1. Sausage & Peppers
  2. Quattro Formaggi
  3. Vege
  4. Carni (the one I had)
  5. Napoletana
  6. Tartufo
  7. Filetti
  8. Tropicali
  9. Pollo
  10. Capricciosa
    Carni 1 - 800 Degrees Neapolitan Pizza

Small Bites

  1. Meatballs
  2. Fire Feta Cheese Bread
  3. Broccoloni
  4. Ricotta Chease Bread
  5. Antipasti

You may have Burrata as well with these accompaniments:

  1. Beets + Balsamic
  2. Cherry Tomatoes + Pesto
  3. Artichoke + Olives
  4. Bresaola + Melon

Or Salads with these options:

  1. Greens
  2. Gorgonzola
  3. Caesar
  4. Chopped
  5. Create  Your Own

Now, done creating your own combinations, choose your drink from their wide selection of hot and cold beverages. (You may have a quick look on their full menu display here)

You can see how they prepare it right to their steaming-hot wood fired oven with 800 Degrees on the meter. That is basically where the name 800 Degrees came from. With that oven temperature, your pizza will be cooked in just 90 seconds. Believe me!

Skipped the Burrata and Salad though, but my Carni + Mango Iced Tea was perfect. That crackly thin crust, smokey pepperoni, bacon, and rosemary turkey ham were best altogether. Truly traditional and authentic Italian pizza.  And 800 Degrees Neapolitan Pizza has proven that there’s no “longest-minutes-in-life-is-waiting-for-food” phrase anymore.

800 Degrees Neapolitan Pizza team

800 Degrees – Deira City Centre team

800 Degrees oven

The 800 Degrees Wood fired oven

800 Degrees

This pager alarms the moment I took my seat, signalling that my Carni pizza is ready

Carni 2 - 800 Degree Neapolitan Pizza

Carni + Mango Ice Tea = Nomnom

Wait, last but not the least; K Brosas, one of Philippines’ best-loved comedienne, actress and singer, graced the occasion. The launching was made even more lively by her presence.

K Brosas 1

K Brosas along with Mr. Manish Jeswani, Managing Director, Eaters, the company behind 800 Degrees; cuts the ribbon during the launching

K Brosas 2






800 Degrees Neapolitan Pizzeria Deira City Centre is located on Level 2, near the Vox Cinemas.

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