At The Freezing Ski Dubai And The Cool Magic Planet In MOE

Two Of Dubai’s Best Go To Places For Families

Ski Dubai

Fortunate to have been invited by Ski Dubai to their snow-themed festivities in celebration of its 10th anniversary. Winter is yet to come in Dubai but the moment we stepped inside the humungous man-made indoor ski resort, which is the region’s first; we thought it’s already winter.

Ilori and Ivana at Ski Dubai

It was but timely that we got the invite when my second child is now running 3 years old. Otherwise, she’ll have to be left behind as below 2 are not allowed inside. 🙁

When we started fixing and putting on our jackets and trousers (overalls for the kids), our body temperature started to heat up due to excitement. But then when we were inside, our body temperature quickly reverted due to the freezing breeze that received us at the doorway.  Despite all the unusual coldness from the blanket of white, we were still pumped up to proceed and experience snow for the first time.  We truly enjoyed the facilities inside Ski Dubai.

Magic Planet

Days after the fun we had at Ski Dubai in Mall of Emirates, we got to experience another indoor fun. This was in celebration of Magic Planet’s 20th anniversary.

It just made our Thursday night more amazing, apart from it’s the onset of yet another weekend.  At the reception, we were handed a white paper bag with some kind of a treasure box in it and the magical moments began, so to our kids. The box alone, which was very tricky to open, already gave us fun. Especially when my brood managed to open it in less than ten minutes. LOL!

The Tricky treasure-like box at Magic Planet

My wife liked the idea of having the surprises in a box as it was so creative and very well thought out treat. Well done MAF and Weber Shandwick. 🙂

Inside the box, were the external flash drive (for our Magic Planet magical memories) and the card with Dh200/- worth of credits. After grabbing some delicious bites provided by PAUL for the event, off we went and enjoyed another evening of fun!

Please see video:

Thank you Ski Dubai and Magic Planet for sharing with us the fun and unforgettable experiences. Can’t wait to bring my family back in there again!

To see for the Ski Dubai Pricing, visit their website.

To see for the Magic Planet Pricing, visit their website.



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