Review: BenQ XR3501 Curved Gaming Monitor

A New Level Of Gaming

The BenQ XR3501 Curved Gaming Monitor is a no bummer. BenQ never fails to deliver the best monitors to its solid gamer fans anywhere in the world.

BenQ Curved Gaming Monitor XR3501 1

The Look

Though it is much different now compared to its predecessors, obviously due its newly 2000R curvature design and form; XR3501 has that elegant look. The anti-glare LCD, aluminum victory stand and the glossy dark pearl color are the reasons behind.

2000R Curvature – this moves the edges of the screen closer towards the viewer, the field of view increases

A bit of negative point though, I was having difficulty carrying the whole package from ground floor lobby to our apartment which is in the second floor. Because it is BIG & BULKY! But that’s just one of the few low points I can point out here. 🙂

BenQ claims:

The smooth, curved shape of the XR3501 display is designed to completely consume your field of vision. The action on the screen fills your periphery, eliminates any distractions and creates a true real-world gaming experience

Of which, without a doubt, I WOULD AGREE.

BenQ download 2

Image Credit: Supplied

Feel and Functionality

From installation down to turning it on, BenQ XR3501 functions just so very easy and very well. In the following video, you’ll see how this 35″ monitor delivers crisp and smooth resolution. Thanks to its 144Hz Refresh Rate and 2560 x 1080 resolution, 2 of the key features of  XR3501.

144Hz Refresh Rate – this allows a consistent flawless view of all the details within the fast-moving action

But I have to mention this, that I find the small plastic kind of cable-support at the back of the monitor, not helpful at all. It didn’t help me keep the cables organized, so I removed it. Cables and other cords come in different sizes.

BenQ Curved Gaming Monitor XR3501 2

Key Features

  •     2000R Ultra Curve
  •     144Hz Refresh Rate
  •     21:9 Ultra wide & High Resolution
  •     20-Level Color Vibrance
  •     Black eQualizer
  •     Flicker-free

To see its full specifications and features, check it out from their website.


I normally find it odd for monitors that has no built-in speakers. But not with this with XR3501 because its Super Resolution, with Eye Care Low-Blue Light & Flicker-free, Black Equalizer, and Color Vibrance make it up. The experience is Superb!

Low Blue Light – this reduces harmful blue spectrum light
Flicker-free technology – it prevents the screen from flickering
Black Equalizer – this brightens dark scenes without over-exposing bright areas
Color Vibrance – this manipulates color saturation values in 20 increments for better visibility and brighter colors

Depending on what game you are on, you can select either from these 3 Game Modes: Racing Game, FPS Game-1 and FPS Game-2. These are the kind of pre-sets used by pro gamers.

In the video, I even watched my favorite channels before playing the Apocalypse racing game with my son in full throttle.

Cost and Final Verdict

With Dh3,824.19./- ($1,041.43), a big-ticket right there but that is in exchange of a secured and superb gaming monitor experience. So, this is a good buy!




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This is not a sponsored review and this is of author’s own and honest opinion.




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    Thank you for this review. I was looking for a curved gaming monitor and this one seems to be the one.

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