Axe Black Launches First-Ever Bring The Quiet Album

At Stereo Arcade, Double-Tree Hilton at JBR

Bring The Quiet Cover

The vintage video arcades at the main entrance was just perfect to while away the time, while the night is still building up for the Axe Black Bring The Quiet Album Launch. I hated Street Fighter that night coz not a single match I KO’d my computer opponent. Played that game, long time back.

Pub Rock was almost full house when UAE-based Josh Monteath started crooning out his melodious soulful renditions. Followed by Kuwaiti-Puerto Rican Mr. Fari with most of his witty and light reggae songs. Then Bahraini Mo Zowayed next with his folk and blue-grass tunes.

All three, were among the 122 entrants of a contest of which winners, will feature the first-ever Bring The Quiet Album brought by Axe Black. The three made it to the top and voted as winners along with the other 7 artists.

Price? An ultimate music starter pack; each track on the Bring The Quiet Album, paid gigs, and special invite to the Axe Black room.

Here are the list of the ten and then understated regional music artists with their tracks, in two different categories and in no particular order:


Mr. Fari – I belong to you

Josh Monteath – Untitled

Mo Zowayed – Gypsy Queen

The Relocators – I’m Afraid of Things Like You


Parallel Sound System – Saved Dreams

Sla Bra – The Path

Arcade 82 – Everyday

Pure Analog – Train to Berlin

Oath – Oth – Ambivalent

Fuente – Grit

Unfortunately, the latter winners also performed, like minutes interval in the other side of Stereo Arcade, the Club Electro. I didn’t get to watch and dance with their mixes. But for sure, t’was a helluva fun there as well.

Now, back to Pub Rock, the Lebanese rock band The Wanton Bishops, rocked the house with their classic and blues. The WB is a real deal,  which actually served as one of the collaborators for the Bring The Quiet Album, along with El Morabba3Hamdan Al Abri – and some of the region’s most-respected DJs: Mr. Mr., maDJam, Smokingroove, Shadi Megallaa and Raxon. Each of them got their tracks included in the album too.

The night was fun. The album’s great (a limited edition, on vinyl of which I got one…yippey!).  And hope to see more talented underground artists in the region to come out in the open, to be seen and heard of. Well done Axe for the initiative.

Bring The Quiet Album b







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  1. Calvin says:

    Hey mate! Know where I can get myself a copy of the album?

  2. It’s good to see this post. The quiet album sounds great, is there any way to get one?

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