Why Dubai Did It Despite The Blazing The Address Hotel

My Dubai My New Year – Fireworks Display

The Address Hotel

They say, “what was Dubai thinking?!” for doing the fireworks display while The Address Hotel was on fire! Thanks for the concern, but FYI please, the fire that has happened here in Dubai a little more than two hours before the 1st day of 2016 was thankfully NOT related to terrorism like how some western news channels and people are trying to insinuate. This has been confirmed by the Dubai authorities.

Some people wonder why the New Year’s Eve celebration still went on despite the burning neighbor; saying it’s disrespectful, inconsiderate, unsafe, etc.

Let’s just say, it’s also to celebrate the fact that everyone inside that 63-storey luxury hotel was able to get out safely on time, no casualties, and only minor injuries reported (so far).

Unbelievable? Yes, and we are somehow used to that being residents here for quite awhile. HATS OFF to the very efficient and effective Dubai government and Civil Defense, who never failed to conduct regular emergency drills and what not.

Good Decision

Since the annual fireworks display is a huge event here in Dubai, whereby massive crowd is willing to risk a possible stampede just to witness it, authorities want the experience that people look back on next year to be of the fireworks – and not (just) of the blazing The Address Hotel.

What happened is truly a loss and we are saddened by it, but it would have been sadder and a bigger loss if the prestigious display didn’t push through.

Let’s just all focus on the bright side, i.e. no casualties and the show went on! It’s still a Happy New Year after all!

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