XDubai Skatepark At The Kite Beach Is Now Open

The Largest In The Region

XDubai Skate Park At Kite Beach

I don’t skate. Not that I don’t want to, but because I haven’t tried doing so and that’s my fault, I know. šŸ™‚ But seeing skateboarders in the air with their different tricks has always been entertaining and amazing.

I used to see kids and adults, novice and pros alike, enjoying the relatively small ramps and an open bowl inside the Bay Avenue ParkĀ in Business Bay. But now, with this newly opened 3,100mĀ² skatepark, I think spending more time with my kids every weekend can be best done here.

We developed theĀ XDubaiĀ Skatepark with a vision to create a dedicated state-of-the-art facility for skateboarders in the emirate and from around the world who come to Dubai.Ā  With its striking aesthetics and contemporary design, we are confident that the facility will become one of the most iconic and buzzing hubs in the emirate. Besides skateboarders, BMXers, inline skaters and scooter riders will also have a destination where they can train and develop their skills –Ā Ismaeil Al Hashmi, Managing Director ofĀ XDubai

The XDubai Skatepark was born out of a need to create an exciting recreational space for Dubaiā€™s youth. This community skatepark will give both experienced skaters and beginners a completely custom-made place where they can thrive, have fun and stay physically active –Ā Javad Khoramifar, Marketing Director of XDubai

This newest recreational venue in Dubai was designed by aĀ premier global youth facility and active space design and construction company, Convic. And so, a world class features are in placed.

This now also puts Dubai in the world skating map. International competitions will soon be held here.

Of the over 600 skateparks Convic has worked on around the world, theĀ XDubaiĀ Skatepark truly stands out and is special for many reasons –Ā Simon Oxenham, Managing Director of Convic

XDubai Skateboard

Image Credit: Supplied

XDubai Skatepark Top View

Image Credit: Supplied

The XDubai Skatepark opens 10 AM till 12 AM fromĀ Sunday to Thursday andĀ 8 AM till 1 AM on Friday and Saturday. And entrance is free. To locate, check out mapĀ here.

But just before going there, some things you need to know, the Skatepark rules:

  • Epic falls can happen, donā€™t forget to wear protective gear at all times
  • Snaking isnā€™t cool, give your friends plenty of room
  • You can hit or get hit from any direction, so always look around you
  • Mums and Dads, Responsible adults – Keep an eye on the kids
  • This is a non-smoking park
  • This is your skatepark, be a friend to your fellow users and help keep it clean
  • Use the recycling bins near the seating areas for your thrash
  • By using this park, you agree that you are responsible for your own safety. You accept that XDubai and its staff are not liable for any loss or injuries

Visit site for more infoĀ XDubai Skatepark





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