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Eating Thai In Dubai

The last time my wife and I tasted the delicious Thai cuisine from Lemongrass Thai Restaurant was in 2014. It was in Al Ghurair Centre in Deira. Then recently (after almost 2 years, sigh…), we’ve tried it again, now at their newly opened branch on Sheikh Zayed Road. It is now significantly near to our place. The resto is located at the back side of Latifa Tower, on an alley that is usually filled with people every night and day as this small area has kind’a become a food haven now.

This 2-floor branch of Lemongrass maintains the “chic, modern yet genuine Thai concept”, but not just the culinary experience but also the place itself. Soothing jazz and house music, well-lit and spacious. Perfect for couples and for families.

Upstairs, you can see the Thai chefs with your very own eyes, the freshness and of how they prepare your food.

Lemongrass roots

Lemongrass Thai Restaurant roots

Lemongrass Thai Restaurant Kropek

Khao Kriyb (Prawn Crackers)

Lemongrass Thai Restaurant Iced Tea

Lemon Iced Tea

Lemongrass Thai Restaurant Homemade Lemongrass cold tea

Homemade Lemongrass Cold Tea

Lemongrass Thai Restaurant Tom Yum

Prawn Tom Yum Soup

Lemongrass Thai Restaurant Spring Rolls

Poh Pia Tod (Mixed Vegetable Spring Rolls)

Kao Pad Sapparot

Kao Pad Sapparot

Kao Pad - Thai Fried Rice

Kao Pad (Thai Fried Rice)

Chicken Satay

Satay Gai (Chicken Skewers with peanut sauce)

Lemongrass Thai Restaurant SZR


One thing I have noticed about Thai Cuisine, is that no matter which restaurant you are in, they all resemble that same authentic taste. That distinctly Thai taste, which is usually sourly, gingerly, and lemony. But the good thing is, they all still have that uniqueness in each of them. Just like how the Medium Spicy Prawn Tom Yum that we had. It looked so red, but no, the combination of spices and herbs is just right enough to give that zing and opens up ones appetite.

The Kao Pad and Kao Pad Sapparot are both a stand alone rice dish in generous amounts. Like Kao Pad, it has a mix of seafood in it. The Kao Pad Sapparot (Chef’s recommendation and is available only for this month) is basically the same in terms of the base ingredients. But on the other hand, it elevated few more notches, with the presentation and with the taste. The crunchy healthy cashew nuts over it, the pineapple shell and the pineapple tidbits are the main factors. Not to exclude the brothy taste it exudes.

The Poh Tia Tod are very crispy and taste delicious with the fresh mixed vegetables. And the plum sauce match perfectly. Our two kids love eating them too along with the two different rice dish.

The Satay Gai, another famous Thai recipe, looks a bit dry though, but the tenderness of the chicken is felt upon munching them. The peanut sauce and the sourly alternative sauce are just great pairs. Removing them from the skewers are effortless.

Remember those times when you feel like very jaded after a long work week? And you want to be rejuvenated just right before kicking off the weekend? Going to Lemongrass Thai Restaurant is one of the answers. Their non-greasy, and richly-flavoured recipes will help you achieve that.

Especially if you’ll include their Homemade Lemongrass Cold Tea in your orders. Very refreshing! Again, with their great food, price, place and their commendable service, an easy 9 out of 10 for them. And with that, a shoutout to amiable Dependi, our server! 🙂

T’was a great night. But wait, we left the place with 2 servings of Kao Niaw Mamuang, the sweet sticky rice with mango dessert, which is always a must when going to any Thai restaurant like Lemongrass.







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