Kalye Kusina – Street Food With A Bit Of Class

UPDATE: Sadly, Kalye Kusina has stopped its operations.

Al Satwa’s Fine Filipino Food Resto

Kalye Kusina is located just right across where we are staying here in Al Satwa, Dubai. But that didn’t compel us to try it right away when it opened days ago. But tonight was just so fortunate that we got a parking in front of this newly-opened Filipino Resto that we decided, this is the time!

The hanging incandescent bulbs truly depicts Philippine streets. The painted Philippines map on the wall on the other hand ignites that Pinas feel and somewhat connects that gap between UAE and the home country.

Well lit, neatly arranged wooden tables and benches, which could be a seating for 50.

Team Lamberang at Kalye Kusina


Chicken Wings, Chicken Skin Sisig, Grilled Chicken Tail, are just some of the Filipino street food delicacies you can find in almost everywhere in the Philippines and now here in this resto.

The selection is varied. (See full menu hereDeep Fried Calamari as starter was not bad at all. The crispiness and the paired sourly mayo dip blends well. But my very first main order was the Smoked Brisket paired with Plain White Rice. That smoky flavor and tender meat was a total treat.  Not failed by my main, that it prompted us to order for two more servings for takeaway. My wife tried their wok fried Bud Bod Rice topped with Smoked Chicken. My son had their J-Macaroni pasta. Not in generous amounts though but just right enough for my mag-Ina (mother and son) to hint me their sign of approval. On the other hand, our picky-eater little toddler did not find anything to her liking.

Having finished our spread, we had to rush off to the counter to free up some space, as the queue outside started to build up.

Kalye Kusina Al Satwa

Bud Bod Rice at Kalye Kusina

Smoked Brisket

Kalye Kusina J-Mac

Kalye Kusina Calamari

1 Smoked Brisket (170g) —– Dh29/-
1 Bud Bod Rice —- Dh19/-
1 J-Mac —– Dh12/-
1 Boiled (steamed) Rice —– Dh5/-
1 Deep Fried Calamari —– Dh16/-
2 Small Bottled Water —– Dh6/-
1 Regular Soda —– Dh8/-
1 Smoked Brisket (300g) —– Dh55/-
Total —— Dh150/-

*Accepts cash and cards


The food tastes great. Their smoked menu is highly recommended, which I personally think, what gave this street food resto a bit of a class. And of course, not to discount their minimalist interior approach which is on point. Their presentation is at par with those other Filipino restos somewhere in Deira and Karama. About the service: their staff have that pump and are so attentive. They also attend fairly fast.

Perhaps, the only downside I could mention, is the 5 Dhs per cup of plain rice. A bit expensive, considering that there are other restaurants of similar category, which are offering cheaper if not unlimited rice to customers. 🙂

Overall, for a newly-opened Filipino resto, Kalye Kusina deserves a whooping 8.5 out of 10.

If you are coming from Old or New Dubai, just a heads up though especially for the uninitiated, parking here in Al Satwa is like hell.  You gotta be lucky to get one.







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    Dear Filman,

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    I’m not sure if you have been to Little Manila before but would like to set a meeting with you on this unique food court concept we are managing. Would you be available next week to meet in Little Manila?

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