10 Best Gifts For Hippy And Tech-Savvy Dads This Father’s Day 2016

Here Are The Best Gifts For Them

Is your Dad a kind of hippy or tech-savvy person? Then this list WILL guarantee you a big GRIN in return with a profound I LOVE YOU/THANK YOU and with a tight hug.

Make your dad happy this Father’s Day 2016. Start your online shopping now by clicking any of the below images.

Yeezy Boost
Give your old man that comfy shoes which would fit all kinds of bottom. By doing so, you are also making Kanye West happy for buying his designed shoes in collab with Adidas.

DJi Phantom 4
I’m sure your dad will have sleepless night before his first use of this gadget. Just make sure to follow the pertinent requirements in owning this one in your locality to avoid headaches. Especially if you are living in mega cities like Dubai, which recently shuts down the busy Dubai International Airport due to unauthorized drone activity near its airspace.

 The original LayBag
This is personally my most loved innovation to date. Imagine how cool would it be, seeing your dad inflating this everywhere he wants to relax. May it be in the park or in his favorite beach eh?!

Boosted Board
The most notable person using this revolutionary tech is Casey Neistat. The famous unofficial and soon to be official, King of YouTube. This electronic and remote controlled board is a sure thing, another best gift for dad. But make sure he knows how to skate or else you would likely be sending him to a sprain or bone fracture treatment which I don’t want to happen.

Jabra Move Wireless Stereo Headset
Everybody loves music. Your dad would surely love this due to its minimal design and Jabra is known for their excellence.

Remington F5-5800 Rechargeable Foil with Interceptor Shaving Technology
Perhaps the last one you gave him 5 years ago is no longer working. So why not give him now one of the best shaving technologies available in the market today. A’right?!

Samsung CF591 Series Curved 27″ LED-lit Monitor
Believe me on this as well. The viewing experience with a curved monitor is one of a kind. Let him experience that too.

Fujifilm X-T1 16 MP Mirrorless Digital Camera
Mirrorless cameras changed the photography world when it came. Your dad will have a happy and a hassle free snapping, everywhere he goes and on his next travel holidays.

Lifeproof FRE SERIES iPhone 6/6s Waterproof Case (4.7″ Version)
And you know, sometimes they lose grip on their expensive iPhones. Help the dads protect their phones with this useful accessory.

Lastly, bring him to a massage session. Or make it a date with your dad in your nearest Spa centre. Massage is every dad’s longing.
Dreamworks Spa Cover



Happy Father’s Day 2016!




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