It’s Comeback Time For Pokémon And Datsun

Pokémon And Datsun

Both Pokémon and Datsun have in common. But I can only name a few of them. First, they have Japanese roots. Second, they are both comeback products.

Datsun, an automobile brand owned by Nissan, had its first production in 1931. Then the name was discontinued in 1986 and was replaced with Nissan. But then Datsun was relaunched in 2013. And finally, the company just had its first sale for Middle East market in Lebanon.

Datsun mi-DO

Datsun on-DO

The brand today represents a revival of the core values which made Datsun the icon it was in the past while addressing the needs of our modern society. These are making the dream of new car ownership a reality for first-time buyers, providing access and peace of mind to worry-free ownership, while delivering trust through transparency, sincerity and reliability – Vincent Cobee, Global Head of Datsun

The Datsun on-DO is starting at USD 11,900 while the Datsun mi-DO is starting at USD 12,900.

Now let’s go to Pokémon. It started way back in 1989 or 1990 when the Game boy was released. It became an instant hit that time. Its popularity continues for several years. But then, in contrast to what happened with Datsun, Pokémon was not discontinued; its popularity plummeted with the advent of new tech toys.

Then just recently, it resurrected when the company released the Pokémon GO. It right away became a craze in major cities everywhere in the world to date. Just within a week since its release, it garnered 21 million players and counting.

“The game has been referred to as a ‘social media phenomenon'”.

Though some controversies came up but these are dwarfed with more positive ones.


The third common thing these two products have in common, is the word GO in Pokémon GO. Before the two Datsuns above were launched, the company has already launched the Datsun GO+ Panca in Indonesia.

To these two brands, Omedetō!




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